A webinar attendee is an individual who participates in a live or on-demand webinar event. Find out how to optimize the attendee experience.


What is a webinar attendee?

A webinar attendee is an individual who participates in a live or on-demand webinar event. The attendees join the webinar to gain knowledge, learn new industry insights, get questions answered by the panelists, and network with the other attendees.

Webinar attendee

The role of the webinar attendee

The main goal of a webinar attendee is to gain knowledge and learn something new. Thus, actively listening, taking notes, and engaging with other attendees are activities to consider.

Webinar attendees may contribute to the event by actively participating through:

  • asking questions in the Q&A

  • responding to polls

  • sharing reflections, own examples, and insights in the chat

  • reacting with emojis to the content, giving direct feedback

  • taking next steps from the webinar through call-to-actions

6 steps to becoming the perfect webinar attendee

1. Find a relevant webinar 🔎

Start by searching for a webinar to attend. Preferably relevant to your interests, industry niche, or professional development needs.

Discover new webinars

You can find webinars through industry newsletters, network groups, social media, or by simply searching on Google. There are also discover pages for public webinars like the Univid Discover Feed.

2. Register for the webinar ✍

Once you find a webinar you'd like to attend, visit the event's registration page. This is typically provided through a link on the event's website or within promotional materials. Fill out the required information, which may include your name, email address, job title, or company. Submit the registration form to secure your spot.

example on registration page - univid

3. Make sure you receive the confirmation email 📧

After registering, you should receive a confirmation email containing important information about the webinar, such as the date, time, access link, and any necessary login credentials. Save this email or add the event to your calendar to ensure you don't forget about it.

Webinar reminder email

4. Join the webinar 🔮

On the day of the webinar, join the event a few minutes early using the personal link provided in the confirmation email.


Make sure you can play video and audio, and have a fairly modern web browser. Typically, you should see some countdown when you clicked the link so you know you are in the right place.

5. Participate actively 💬

During the webinar, focus, take notes, and engage with the content. Ask questions, participate in polls, or interact in the chat.

Live webinar with tons of engagement in Univid

This will enhance your learning experience, while at the same time allow your co-attendees to have a better event experience. You might also build some personal brand along the way, as people will recognize you asking good questions and contributing.

6. Provide feedback ♻

After the webinar, consider providing feedback through a post-event survey, through a final poll, drop a feedback message in the chat, or directly to the organizers.

This helps panelists improve their content and delivery, as well as the webinar host to refine the webinar agenda.

4 best practices for webinar attendees

To make the most of the webinar experience, attendees should follow certain best practices when participating in webinars:

1. Be punctual 🕚

Join the webinar a few minutes early to avoid missing any crucial information and to ensure your device is set up correctly.

2. Minimize distractions ❌

Choose a quiet and comfortable environment where you can focus on the presentation without disruptions. Maybe close down all unnecessary tabs, and put your OS in no disturb to eliminate distractions.

3. Engage❓

Ask questions, write in the chat, and participate in polls. In this way to make sure you give yourself and others the best possible experience.

4. Be respectful đŸ€

When interacting with presenters and other attendees, maintain a professional tone and follow any guidelines set by the organizers.

Now you know how to be the perfect webinar attendee. Let's join some webinars and start learning!

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