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We are located in Stockholm, Sweden

Our vision 🚀

Everyone should be able to create memorable digital live experiences

Univid is an event platform that makes digital events, meetings and webinars over 15 people more interactive, visually beautiful and easy to use. In less than 60 seconds you can customize your own event and get started with breakouts, gamification and polls via polls and quizzes. Univid is fun and easy.

Univid as a simple and interactive solution

1. Creating digital events is too complex

Creating events today is far too complex. With many platforms, you need to download software, hire a consultant to customize, or drown in settings and configurations. The majority of digital events, webinars and meetings do not require a plethora of complex features. That's why Univid is easy - both for hosts and participants. The learning curve is extremely low. Anyone can use Univid to create stylish and interactive events in less than 60 seconds.

2. Digital events are not engaging enough

The absolute majority of events today do not engage participants enough or at all. Often it is just a one-way communication, which leads to the participants sitting unfocused with another tab up and missing the message. Adding interaction should not require a third-party application such as Mentimeter, where the participants generally need multiple devices or tabs open. Everything should be smoothly integrated with the livestream. The statistics should be visually appealing and easy to use for both participants and hosts. Word clouds that update in real time, beautiful polls or quiz competition - the host decides.

Founded at KTH

Univid was founded in 2019 by Jonathan Rintala and Erik Skogetun at KTH, where they both studied for a master's degree in engineering - Industrial Economics with a M.Sc. in Computer Science and Machine Learning. Univid emerged as a response to the fact that university lectures lacked interaction and were not digital.

Backed by KTH Innovation, Sting and Vinnova

Along the journey, Univid has been backed by KTH Innovations incubator, Sting and Vinnova.

founders of univid
The founders of Univid - Erik Skogetun & Jonathan Rintala
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