Webinar registrants: How to increase and get more people to register

In this guide you will learn more about what a webinar registrant is, and how to get more people to register for your webinars. Learn more now.

The definition of a webinar registrant.


What is a webinar registrant?

A webinar registrant is an individual who has signed up or registered to attend a specific webinar.

The registration process typically involves filling out a registration form on the event's designated registration page. The webinar registration form usually collects the registrant's first name, last name, and email address.

Registration page and form to sign up to webinar

It can also include other relevant information, such as their job title, organization, or more qualitative input in free text - such as the expectations on the webinar, or why they are interested in attending.

Webinar registrant

Once registered, the registrant will receive a confirmation email with details on how to access the webinar. Typically with a necessary personal link to access the webinar, buttons to add the webinar to calendar, along side with some relevant information.

Webinar confirmation email

Webinar registrants may attend the live event or, if available, access the on-demand version of the webinar at a later time. They will be counted as an attendee in the data as long as they watched the webinar - either marked as "attended" or "attended on-demand".

Often, when evaluating the webinar, you want to look at the attendance rate - meaning, the number of registrants that became attendees and actually showed up to the webinar live.

5 easy ways to increase your webinar registrations

Would you rather host a webinar with 10 relevant leads, or 1000?

Well, as long as the registrants are relevant, you will get 100x the amount of leads and pipeline in the latter case, without any additional effort. That's the charm of webinars - they effortlessly scale.

You will need to input the same content, speakers, and preparation work, whether you're hosting a webinar for 10 attendees, or a 1000. So, increasing registrations for your webinars is a crucial component for any webinar strategy to scale and be efficient.

Here are five simple tips to increase your webinar registrations:

  1. Start marketing your webinar early: Up to 23% of signups take place 15 or more days before the webinar. Don't miss out on the early birds and start your marketing initiatives early. Typically, around 3 weeks before the webinar date, or more.

  2. Use your existing channels: Don't forget your existing marketing channels - like newsletters, paid ads, landing page, your LinkedIn accounts, Instagram, or TikTok.

    Webinar marketing with registration page in Univid

  3. Involve the sales team: Involve your key account managers and sales team to help you bring in some of their sales pipeline. That is success factor if you want to host a webinar with high registration rate. They can often send personal invites to warm leads in their networks, or share on social media - and bring in a lot of quality signups.

  4. Do a video teaser to promote the webinar: Several experienced marketers that build webinar funnels with high registration rates, record a short promo video for the webinar. Typically, this video includes the guest speakers and/or moderators, that gives a short teaser on why you should attend. These convert like crazy as they are up close and personal, not just text or images. Tip for high impact: post the video via your personal LI and share via the Company page.

  5. Send a day-of reminder: You typically get a ton of signups the last few days leading up to the webinar, and up to 25% the same day you're going live. So make sure to send that last reminder to any potential leads that would be interested in signing up.

Webinar reminder email

How to get started collecting registrations for your next webinar

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