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Univid is an easy-to-use platform for hosting live experiences with unmatched interaction.

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We bring life into events
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Univid is easy

Create event in under 60 seconds
Host events of any type or size
Webinars with breakout sessions
Unique video meetings to impress clients
Studio streamed event with thousands of participants
Invite audience with link or calendar invite
Engage your audience
Local support in Stockholm and Sweden

Beautiful customization at your hands

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Team Univid is with you all the way

Jonathan Rintalalinkedin
Engineer with M.Sc. in Computer Science at KTH. Creative mind with passion for web development, data analysis and building elegant digital solutions.

Erik Skogetunlinkedin
Engineer with M.Sc. in Machine Learning at KTH. A true problem solver, with backend tech experience, who enjoys big data and difficult problems.

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We are located in Stockholm, Sweden

96% of participants want to use Univid again

(According to a 2019 survey)
"We can now engage the audience via fun polls and quizzes, directly in the platform"
event customer
"A visually beautiful platform that we could customize to fit our needs"

Q & A

Why not use Youtube / Vimeo / Zoom?
These platforms are great in their own way, but they do not offer a system which is tailored for making interaction in large audiences great. You will miss out on live reactions, polls, quizzes, breakout sessions, and will be stuck with a boring one-fits-all solution. For example if you want to get crisp HD quality from the studio, together with a real-time meeting, you can adjust this in the Univid interface. You will also be missing out Univid's clever workflows, infrastructure, and features for learning. We provide a visually beautiful and easy-to-use platform that will impress your audience and make your events fun.
Who is using Univid?
We have run successful events with one of the leading tech companies in the world, top universities, several Nordic companies and event firms. Now we are looking for new partners, both event firms and companies interested in seeing what value Univid can bring in their live events.
How do I get started with Univid?
Reach out to us at the email below, or fill out our form by clicking the button below. We love to talk to potential users, show a demo of our platform, and discuss new concepts. We schedule an onboarding call with all of our customers, and you can get started right away, no matter where you are located in the world.
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