Evergreen webinar - What it is and how to create one

A pre-recorded and always-accessible webinar. The evergreen webinar can offer engaging and relevant content on-demand. Thus, it is an excellent format to run lead generation, customer education, and product demos.

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What is an evergreen webinar?

A pre-recorded and always-accessible webinar. The evergreen webinar can offer engaging and relevant content on-demand. Thus, it is an excellent format to run lead generation, customer education, and product demos.

What is the difference between evergreen and live webinars?

Evergreen webinars are pre-recorded and can be watched anytime, making them cheap to run and useful for a long time. Live webinars are online events that are hosted in real-time and scheduled - offering a higher amount of interaction, that can increase conversion rates and suit more complex sales funnels, but require more effort to host.


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Live webinar




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A comparison between evergreen webinars vs. live webinars

A closer look into evergreen webinars

An evergreen webinar consists of pre-recorded content that continues to be relevant over a prolonged period. They are designed to automated, meaning they can run repeatedly without your direct involvement. These types of webinars are thus perfect for content like online courses, product demos, and training modules.

The 5 best use cases for evergreen webinar

Evergreen webinars can be used for a variety of purposes and use cases. Here are the 5 best use cases for hosting evergreen webinars:

  1. Training and education: An evergreen webinar can serve as an ongoing training resource for employees or clients. Accessed anytime and anywhere.

  2. Product demonstrations: Showcase the features and benefits of your product at any time. This way you can allow potential customers to view the demo at their convenience.

  3. Customer onboarding: Evergreen webinars can be excellent to introduce new users to your product or service, and scale your webinar efforts. As they webinars are evergreen, they can be accessed as needed. Rather than scheduled around a live presentation that people might not have time to attend.

  4. Content marketing: High-quality evergreen webinars can be a valuable addition to your content funnels. To attract new visitors to your website. The webinars can make them engage longer and learn more about your value proposition in the mean time.

  5. Sales funnels: Depending on your sales cycle and deal size. Evergreen webinars can help warm up potential customers and move them through your sales funnel more efficiently.

Remember, the key is to select topics that are relevant to your target audience - and you will be able to add a ton of value through evergreen webinars.

When evergreen webinars might not be the best fit

In complex B2B sales, where deal sizes are large, and in some particular industries - evergreen webinars might not be able to take a lead all the way to a conversion. Thus, evergreen might not be the best means to run a webinar funnel.

Reasons being: For these cases you might need more hands-on sales efforts. For example live product demo webinars or one-on-one demos with your prospects. But, larger deal sizes, typically means your CAC can also be higher - meaning you can afford a more expensive funnel.

Benefits of hosting an evergreen webinar

The most significant benefit of evergreen webinars is their timeless aspect - meaning they are A. cheap to run and B. can be offered with highly relevant timing. Here are some benefits of hosting evergreen webinars:

  • Cheap to produce: These webinars streamline your marketing funnel and efforts. As you can create impactful content with a one-time effort.

  • Generate leads continuously: The useful content provided in these webinars can be accessed whenever it fits into the attendee's schedule.

  • Saves you time: The consistency and repeatability of evergreen webinars also save you time - enabling you to focus on other business aspects.

  • Allows you to perfect content: As these webinars are pre-recorded, you can perfect your content before your audience accesses it.

How to create an evergreen webinar

With the right tools and process - setting up evergreen webinars can be simple. The following steps allows you to set up an evergreen webinar:

  1. Record the webinar

  2. Schedule the evergreen webinar in a platform like Univid

  3. Set up attendee engagement

  4. Collect leads and follow-up with relevant ones

Here is Jonathan, showing you how to set up an evergreen webinar in a short video. Get started in a few minutes with an automated webinar experience.

Try it now yourself, and schedule your first evergreen webinar below!

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