Conversational webinar

A conversational webinar is the new way of hosting webinars, where the attendee is put first. It’s a two-way dialogue, made possible through some key elements of interaction.


What is a conversational webinar?

A conversational webinar is a two-way dialogue rather than a monologue, made possible through interaction. Conversational webinars are used by the top 1% of webinar hosts to drive up to 50% more conversions. They are live, and use every aspect of the live format to drive engagement and conversions.

A conversational webinar in action

This includes:

  • Q&A throughout the webinar, not just at the end.

  • Quick feedback loops through live reactions and polls. 

  • A venue that feels alive and fun with several ways to communicate, depending on the needs of the attendees.

  • The goal is to make attendees feel part of the conversation, rather than watching a passive video feed that could have been watched on-demand Netflix-style instead.

Try hosting your own conversational webinars below.

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