Impress your virtual audience with unique interaction

Engage your virtual event audience via polls, quiz competitions, live reactions, gamification and much more. Engage in beautiful style and create memorable event experiences.


Univid - Built to create interaction

1. Setup and prepare your polls, quizzes and interaction in seconds

2. Control when and how you publish polls, if the results should be shared and how the results look

3. Share the results with participants, tie engagement scores to prizes or just get to know your participants through the analytics

Functionality for interactive events

Interaction and engagement that is easy to manage and does not require extra work. Activate your event participants with the push of a button or completely automatically.

univid session features for events

Polls and quizzes - Beautiful and fast

Present results on polls - professional and visually beautiful

You can create polls and polls in real time during the event, or prepare them in advance. Choose between beautiful word clouds, interactive bar charts or yummy pie charts 🍰. The results emerge live when the participants respond and can be graphically adapted.

Quiz competitions - take engagement to the next level

Through fun quiz competitions you can really bring engagement to the next level and let the participants be activated through a music quiz, or why not host a quiz on the presentation of your product to see how many actually got the message ❓❓
univid event screen customized

Impress your virtual audience with unique interaction

Quiz and polls

Mentometer types of functionality that engages your audience. Create a new poll on the fly during your digital event, choose between multiple choice or free text polls. Maintain full control - when to publish and reveal answers to the audience.

Reactions and emojis

Reactions are one of our most loved interactive features that really brings your events to life. Many of our virtual events have thousands of reactions from the audience, who can express their feelings in real time with different emojis. See reactions in action in our event with Clevry.

Gamification and leaderboard

Gamify your digital happenings and really create incentives for your audience to interact and stay focused. Our leaderboard where the participants get interactivity scores based on their level of activity really makes sure the audiences stays engaged with your content you improve the quality of the event.

Get to know your audience through data

Whether you are hosting an internal event for your employees, generating inbound traffic, qualifying or converting sales leads down your funnel - Univid lets you get to know your event participants for real. Not only can you engage and activate your audience, push CTA:s in real time, but you can also analyze all of this afterwards and handle all of the participant data.