Mentometer app - quiz and polls directly in Univid

Engage your audience with word clouds, multiple choice quiz and free text polls. Maybe host a music quiz, poll the participants on a topic for discussion in real-time or create an evaluation on just how fantastic your live session was!

What is a mentometer app?

A mentometer app is a powerful tool to interact and communicate between host and participants, allowing the participants to vote and visualize their input in real-time via graphs, numbers, and illustrations.

A mentometer app integrated into the livestream

The Univid platform features mentometer functions right in the platform. This way you can engage your audience without having them leave your livestream, webinar or digital meeting. The Univid mentometer features the following functions:

  • Polls and quiz directly in the livestream, meeting or webinar
  • Popups over screen that makes it hard to miss and easy to understand
  • Super intuitive interface for creating polls and quizzes before or during event
  • Beautiful statistics, word clouds, and graphs in real-time

multiple choice poll mentometer example

Mentometer accessible from your smartphone, tablet or computer

The Univid platform and mentometer functions are available right in your mobile device or from your computer. All you need is a modern web browser - no need to download anything for neither you as a host or your participants!

A powerful mentometer that is super simple to use

The Univid mentometer is powerful with many options on how to query the users, as well as how to display the answers. And it is so simple that you can use it ad-hoc during your meeting when you think of a good question to ask or poll to send out.

  1. You can use either free-text polls that lets the participants answer with their own words - these answers can be displayed either as a word cloud or a word wall right in the meeting.
  2. You can query the participants with a simple multiple choice poll where they have pre-defined options to choose from. The answers can be displayed anonymously with pie charts or other graphic presentations that grow in real-time.

free text word wall poll mentometer example

Beautiful polls and quizzes that really engage your audience

The mentometer app is fully integrated in the Univid session where your meeting, webinar or event takes place. The polls and quizzes can really be used to engage your audience, make sure they stay alert and have got the message! Also the graphical illustrations and statistics are displayed in a delicate and stunning way that will make your audience remember - choose between pie charts and bar charts in your favorite colors. Polls and quizzes should be a fun experience for everyone. A splash of interactivity and color into your events!

Music quiz or votation - you decide!

You can host votations, music quizzes or simply use the mentometer as a pedagogical tool to make your meeting more dynamic and fun. We have had a lot of customers running music quizzes on Univid that has been tons of fun, for example Tomra Systems who ran a kickoff with gameshow and the Univid mentometer functionality, which you can read more about and watch a video from on our blog:

Word clouds in real time

The Univid word clouds are a popular type of mentometer function where the users can answer with their own words which will be clustered and grow into a beautiful cloud of words that can be displayed in real-time on top of the screen or in the stream.

Swedish made, hosted on servers in the Nordics

The Univid platform is made in Sweden, by KTH engineers, and hosted on servers in the Nordics. This makes your events and mentometer totally compliant with GDPR, providing a stabile, blazingly fast and safe service. You can also enjoy great support in both Swedish and English, as well as options for on-sight help with onboarding and your first events.