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A guide around the powers that come with being a presenter at Univid


So you are hosting an event on Univid. Down below is all the info you should need to get started. We will focus on the administrative parts of hosting an event, involving toggling between the presenter and participant view, removing chat messages, as well as creating and publishing polls.

What is a presenter?

A presenter is the same thing as an event host or administrator. You will have access to the same view as the participants to preview what they are seeing at all times. But you also have the option to access the presenter view - which gives you three additional powers:

  1. the ability to remove chat messages

  2. the power of creating and publishing polls, and revealing/hiding their answers

  3. the option to start or stop the livestream

What is a participant?

Well, an event participant is just what it sounds like - an event attendee that does not have any cool administrative powers. The participant will only be able to see the participant view and cannot remove anyone else’s chat messages nor see polls unless they are published. The participants cannot see the anonymous statistics of the polls if the presenter has not chosen to actively reveal them either.

Toggle between presenter and participant view

As a presenter you will by default be in the presenter view meaning you see some more functionality than a normal participant sees. To preview what the participants see, simply navigate to your name in the header up to your right, press your name to expand down the menu, and then switch to 'participant view'. You are now in the participant view and can see what a normal event attendee sees and preview what your event looks like for the audience. To switch back, just follow the same procedure. Note: when switching view, the URL will change from /present/ to /session/, so always make sure to share the URL containing /session/ URL to any participants - so they will end up in the right place!

Presenter power I - removing chat messages

To moderate the chat, the presenter can remove any unwanted or inappropriate chat messages; from any of the other participants or even another event host. Simply, enter presenter view in the menu, navigate with the cursor of the mouse to the chat message you want to remove, and click the bin in the top right corner.

Simple right? With power comes responsibility though, so be easy on the chat removal function as it can cause some confusion for the participants when their messages are suddenly gone!

Presenter power II - creating and publishing polls

Polls is an awesome mentometer type of functionality that enables you to create Mentimeter type of polls and quizzes directly in your Univid event without having a third-party application creating headaches for you and your audience.

Univid polls are smooth and easy! In the following five steps you can create your first poll:

  1. Go to presenter view in the menu up in to your right, in the header

  2. Toggle polls in the tab to your right

  3. Create your poll by pressing ‘+ New Poll’

  4. Choose either multiple choice or free text

  5. Follow the instruction and finally press ‘Create’

Okay, now I created my first poll - now what?

Awesome, and congrats! It will only get easier from here. Your audience cannot see the poll until you choose to publish the poll. Control the flow of your polls, who sees them, and when, by following the two steps.

1. Publish a poll

You have a green ‘Publish’ button which you can use when you want to let the audience or participants see the poll. Pressing this publish button will in real-time push the poll to the audience and they will then all get a popup over their video screen with the poll question and answer alternatives (or text input box if you choose free-text). The participants then will only see what they answered when you as the presenter choose to reveal the answers.

2. Reveal answers

By default, only the presenters will see the statistics of how the polls were answered (anonymously). If you want to share these statistics with your audience, press the button “reveal answers”; this will allow everyone to see the pie charts, word clouds or word wall. If you want the participants to see this data as soon as they answered, and watch it change continuously in real-time, choose to reveal the answers before publishing the poll or right after. You can hide the statistics at any time by pressing “hide answers”.

Presenter power III - start or stop the livestream, webinar, or meeting

Often times the presenter may not have to start or stop the livestream themselves, when you have a pre-scheduled stream, a studio setting this up for you, or some other convenient setup. However, a presenter can start or stop the livestream or meeting as he or she wishes.

  • To start a webinar from the Univid Studio:

  1. First press "launch studio" - this will not mean you are live for the participants yet - only a preview of your webcam, etc. Here you can do the tech check with your co-hosts before going live. (If you are just testing out, you can just end the preview when done, by pressing "end" to jump out again, instead of "go live")

  2. Then once comfortable you can press the "go live" button.

  3. Voila - now you are live for your audience to see you.

  • To start a livestream via RTMP:

    • If livestreaming directly via RTMP to Univid - generate your RTMP key and links by pressing "other modes" inside of the session.

    • Preview your stream in the small video window

    • When ready to go live for your audience, press ‘Go live’.

    • To remove/stop the livestream: Simply hover the video and click on the three dots on the video icon coming down, then choose remove video.

  • To add an external livestream via link:

    • Press "other modes" and then choose the "Link" option.

    • Paste your embeddable external link- a HLS playback link, Youtube, or Vimeo

    • Preview your stream in the small video window

    • When ready to go live for your audience, press ‘Go live’.

    • To remove/stop the livestream: Simply hover the video and click on the three dots on the video icon coming down, then choose remove video.

  • To start a live meeting:

    • Choose webcam for a real-time meeting

    • Decide on max 45 people or max 300 people

    • Start your meeting. If hosting a larger meeting than 300 people - please choose the livestreaming option above via RTMP.

      1. Choose webcam for a real-time meeting.

      2. Everyone with the link will be able to join the video - where all participants will recieve a popup prompting them to join video as soon as they enter the meeting. This mode is thus perfect for a more traditional video meeting, where everyone should be active in video and discuss - generally in a smaller group

      3. You also need to select capacity when you start your real-time meeting - either a maximum of 45 people or a maximum of 300 people and then you can start your meeting. Make sure to choose the right capacity from the start as you cannot change this once the meeting is started!

      4. Now you are live. Nice work!

      5. You can also close the room for the participants in the bottom of the sidebar, if you want to test it out, after having sent out the link - change to red mode 'Session is open for admins only'. But don't forget to open it back up to green mode and 'Session is open for all participants'.

      6. (If you are hosting a meeting larger than 300 people - select the live stream option above via RTMP.)

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