Embed livestream

Embed Youtube, Vimeo, or your RTMP stream

At Univid we are agnostic and want to power fantastic digital events, meetings and webinars across the globe. Thus, we do not only offer smooth livestreaming in the best quality directly via Univid, but we also support embedding of other streaming services right into Univid. It is also super simple - just input your link and get going.
If Vimeo is used for livestreaming - simply copy the link to the livestream, choose to schedule your event to the desired date and time.
Remember: “Viewing privacy” needs to be set to 'Public' or 'Hide from Vimeo', so the participants can see the video using the link.

Example link: https://vimeo.com/event/999581/680927087a
Two ways to use Youtube for livestreaming.

I. Youtube - Livestream via Youtube: Think about whether you want to have interaction via Youtube, if not choose the alternative 'unlisted' under the 'visibility' menu, and deactivate the Youtube chat.

II. Premiere of pre-recorded video uploaded to Youtube: Make sure to fill out the check box 'Set as Premiere' and schedule to the correct time.
If you want to host the video yourself: For you advanced users who want full control and host the video yourself without any other platforms, you can use a direct link to the livestream or video.

Supported formats:
  • HLS (m3u8)
  • MP4
  • WEBM