Univid - Official Supplier of Almedalsveckans Play Platform 2021

In addition to the Almedalsveckan Play Platform we offer two groups of add-on services for the organizers, to provide a seamless end-to-end experience and bring your events to life.

(I) Chat and interaction via Univid
Add interaction to your streams on Almedalsveckan Play
Gamification / Leaderboard
(II) Livestreaming via Univid
Livestream directly via Univid for a smooth experience
Studio stream via RTMP
Webinar or live meeting
customized and branded event page
We also partner up with some of the best studios and event firms to provide a full service for your Almedalsveckan stream. Contact us below to hear more and get started!
Our partner studio in Stockholm for Almedalsveckan is Pointbreak Media.
Almedalen Week, is held annually in Visby on Gotland, where representatives of both the Swedish political parties and all kinds of interest groups and companies gather and discuss politics and social issues. Almedalen Week Play is this year's digital Almedalen. It is the place where all digital events are gathered. The place where participants can easily see and take part in what is happening during this year's democracy week.