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A Zoom meeting is a digital meeting over the software Zoom. Learn more about Zoom meetings - what they are, how to join as an attendee, and how to host. Get tips for success.


What is a Zoom meeting?

A Zoom meeting is a digital meeting room where two or more participants can have their meeting. A Zoom meeting can refer to both a regular video meeting or a voice call. In general, however, Zoom is about video meetings, and has become a bit of a term to describe the type of meeting, more than specifically that the meeting needs to take place over the video service Zoom.

A video meeting or so-called Zoom meeting usually takes place by inviting participants with a calendar invitation or link. The size of the meeting is usually between 2 and 25 people, but often larger meetings also take place in the form of a Zoom meeting. At the larger meetings, however, it is important to think about the format to ensure that all participants feel engaged, involved and focused.

For larger meetings, therefore, other formats such as webinars and even more professional live-streamed events have emerged. These major types of events and happenings have also placed new demands on the choice of meeting tools.

Thus, new solutions such as Univid has evolved to meet these new needs, with features such as reactions, polls and quizzes where participants can be involved without everyone necessarily having to participate in video.

See a comparison between Zoom Webinar and the Univid webinar platform here.

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