Webinar countdown: Set the scene for your attendees

Learn how to create an effective webinar countdown to set the expectations for your audience and give them that exciting event experience - even before you are live.

Webinar countdown


What is a webinar countdown?

A webinar countdown is a visual indicator counting down to when the event starts. It is typically shown in the webinar before the livestream is active.

The webinar countdown helps the attendees get the event experience - where they are not just met with an empty boring room. Also, it sets the expectations right and avoids confusion. If you don't have a countdown, attendees are often confused if they entered the wrong link, at the wrong time, or if something is not working on their end.

Webinar with event countdown

In Univid the webinar countdown can be localized to your language and helps attendees get an event feeling. It is added on top of the splash image of your choice - which you can brand nicely. Also, it is automatically counting down to the scheduled time of your webinar - so you don't have to think about adding it.

What happens if I don't go live at the scheduled time?

Well, in Univid you have full control as a webinar host. So nothing is automatically published to go live. If you don't go live exactly the time you have scheduled your event for - no worries! The countdown will simply be replaced by "the event will start soon.." which calms and informs the attendees you will be on soon.

The event will start soon - event lobby

Also, you can easily interact via the chat, Q&A, etc. even while you are not live yet in the video - and communicate you will be on in a few minutes, or just hype the audience up!

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