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The Webinar Type Guide

What type of webinar suits me? Get to know what webinar suits you and your business in a 4 clicks. Get your customized tips and personal recommendations on webinar type in 30 seconds - automated webinars, pre-recorded webinars, live webinars or on-demand webinars.


What types of webinars can you actually host?

Webinars come in different forms and can be classified in many different ways, for example based on the theme of the webinar, or what purpose the webinar has. Another common way to group webinars is based on how they are conducted - especially useful for you as a host when choosing your marketing mix, or when running your next series of webinars.

Which webinar is right for me?

Common questions that come to mind when considering hosting webinars are - which webinar really suits me? How should my company work with the webinar format to drive demand and traffic? How do I host effective webinars that make a difference? I want an interactive webinar - what type of webinar should I host?

In response to all these questions, there are a variety of webinars - suitable for different audiences, situations, companies and hosts. Planning a webinar begins with deciding what type of webinar is right for you.

The guide above is intended to give you an indication of suitable types of webinars for your particular situation. But of course, several types of webinars can fit well. Below is a detailed description of three main types of webinars - so you can decide for yourself.

1. Live webinars - engaging and exclusive

Webinar that engages your audience and creates a unique atmosphere should be a tool in everyone's playbook. We are of course talking about webinars that are hosted live! A little pulse and 1,2,3 so we are live. This is about keeping calm and taking advantage of the magical atmosphere that can exist when the participants realize that it is an exclusive live experience where they have the opportunity to influence and interact in. The fact that the webinar can not be watched afterwards, but only for selected or registered participants can also create an intimate and luxurious feeling!

Live can really be unique and nothing goes against a good and well-thought-out webinar in real time! Invite a guest speaker or have a panel discussion - but plan carefully beforehand and make sure to take advantage of this valuable opportunity to impress potential customers and drive leads.

These live webinars are also suitable for you who do not have much time to produce material in detail in advance, but rather see an advantage in generating great content for your company - perhaps summarize the best tips in a few short clips on social media, or take the opportunity to post the recording afterwards so participants can watch the webinar on-demand too!

2. Automated webinars - streamline your everyday life

An automated webinar means that you as a host use a platform, e.g. Univid, which enables opportunities to automate all or part of the work you as a host need to do. It can be about scheduling the webinar for a specific time as pre-recorded webinar, when it is automatically played, or automating the entire value chain from creating a registration page, sending out emails and reminders, to completed webinar and follow-up afterwards.

Automated webinars are suitable for you who do not have time to host all individual webinars - maybe you run several different webinars at the same time, or just need to be relieved in your role as host? Here, however, it is important to keep in mind that the quality of the webinar is not affected negatively. That you do not create experiences that feel static and boring, as you do not have the same opportunity for manual adjustments. Therefore, make sure you have a plan for how to engage the audience - perhaps have an employee who answers questions in the chat, send out polls through the webinar, or schedule this automatically in a webinar tools like Univid .

3. On-demand webinars - play on the participant's terms

Which participant does not like a host who listens to their needs and plays on their terms? A great way to do this is to enable webinars on-demand to look at each participant's own terms. On-demand webinars are great for you with busy customers, who do not have time to schedule or book for a specific time for a live webinar.

Make sure you do not lose the feeling of exclusivity - take the opportunity to request an email address and email out the link to the webinar. Have the option of an open question box or Q&A that you follow up on? Use a tool where participants can favorite mark and react along with the webinar - which is then played and simulated when the webinar is watched. All to maintain the feeling that things are happening, and are interactive, despite the lack of actual live.

A webinar platform for all your types of webinars

A webinar platform is a must for all types of webinars, especially if you want to maintain a high quality, engage your audience, create unique experiences and get participants to remember you and your company. Univid is the easy-to-use platform for creating interactive and beautiful webinars - you can create live webinars, automated or webinars on-demand with Univid sessions. The platform makes it possible to collect unique data, engage the audience through reactions, polls, chat and evaluations, while being packaged in a personal and beautiful design. The platform can also be adapted to your company and brand in less than 60 seconds.

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