The easy platform for creating interactive and beautiful webinars

Host memorable webinars that engage with Univid


Build a visually beautiful webinar blazingly fast

✹ Click, drag-and-drop and create your own branded webinar

With Univid you don't have to be technical, nor a graphic designer. Our event spaces can be created with a template in less than 60 seconds - allowing you to create stylish events that impress your audience.

⏱ Our webinars can be created in less than 60 seconds.

💃 Full control - 1000s of participants or small intimate sessions

Univid can handle all your webinars, whether it's a smaller exclusive session with an invited number of participants, a webinar with a panel, or a completely open event with thousands of viewers shared on social media.

📅 Invite to a webinar with just a link or beautiful calendar invitation

Inviting participants to your webinar is easier than ever. Live can be associated with a lot of stress - we know how it can be and have therefore made Univid really easy. In Univid there is one single link that you share with everyone, either via email or the calendar - you can not go wrong. And you can also create beautiful landing pages!

Memorable interaction that engages

❓ Quiz and polls

Slow webinars without interaction easily get boring. That's why we at Univid have built a number of features to help you easily engage your audience in real-time, or arrange quizzes with a leaderboard where the audience can compete!

💕 Reactions and emojis

Reactions is one of our most beloved interaction features, which really brings your webinars to life. Many of our webinars have thousands of reactions from participants, who can express their feelings in real-time with various emojis.

đŸ•č Gamification with points and leaderboard

Gamify your webinars and really create incentives for your audience to interact and stay focused on the content. Our leaderboard where the participants get interactivity scores based on their level of activity really makes sure the audiences stays engaged with your content you improve the quality of the webinar.

Statics and analytics of the webinar

Measure the outcome of your digital event - what were the highlights of the webinar, which segments got the participants to listen, get involved and be active? Compare with other webinars and benchmark against other actors in the same industry.
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