Randomized Suggestions on Polls and Questions for Engaging Webinars

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Create polls and questions for engaging webinars

Hosting a webinar is an exciting and dynamic way to adapt to the post-pandemic world where practically everything these days takes place in the digital realm. But it can also be beset with many problems, such as a slow or lagging internet connection which can make for awkward pauses and glitches or the fact that you don’t get the benefit of one-on-one networking as you would at an event in real life.

But luckily, we have some tools on hand to help your digital event run as fluidly and make as much of an impact as possible, all while looking beautiful and being easy to use.

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Three types of poll questions - 🚀 Starters, 🔔 Activating, and 🏁 Final questions

Your poll questions can be divided into three categories, all of which we will go through with some awesome examples, so don’t you worry!

1. Starter Questions 🚀

Your starter questions can be used to get the ball rolling- these can be as simple as what their favourite food is or whether they’ve ever lived abroad. Questions like “can you speak other languages?” or “what is your number one hobby?” may seem disconnected from your event- but they’re not!

For instance, your audience may find they have things in common, or bond over a love of speaking French, that many people are tuning in from the same city, or their passion for paddle boarding, and this will only make them feel comfortable at the event and more likely to want to answer questions, speak up and get involved. Interacting with your audience is also a great source of data in terms of understanding your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) and potential customers better. These questions and even more are found in our super handy poll and questions generator. So what are you waiting for? Begin to break the ice by clicking on the button below!

2. Activating Questions 🔔

Your ‘activating’ questions are the ones to use when you really want to learn about your audience- the information that will be of most use to you as a company/brand.

You can pepper your webinar with these activating questions so that you are actively (get it?) bringing the focus back to the webinar if it seems that you are losing your audience’s attention. Use our poll generator, by clicking on the button - so you can go and stimulate your audience in your next webinar!

3. Final Questions 🏁

Your final questions can be used as Call to Actions because they can be asked in follow up survey polls, or basically, once the webinar is over, getting your target audience or employees to re-check in with you. It’s important to find out what could have been improved upon, so you can change this aspect going forward in future webinars. Questions like “how would you rate the speakers out of 10?” or “what was your favorite part of the webinar?” give you an idea of what did and didn’t work with the webinar, especially if some people seemed to switch off halfway through. These questions and more are included in our poll generator - click below to try it out!

Hosting the virtual event - the role of event organizer

Just as in reality, the success of a virtual event comes down to the host: not just how smoothly you manage to run it on the day/night, but also with how much preparation you do beforehand. It’s not an easy role, but with the right effort put in ahead of time, you can guarantee success.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail, after all!

The first thing to consider in your role as host is how to make your event interactive. One of the major components of a successful digital event is the interaction between you, the host, and the other event participants, ensuring that they feel involved and engaged throughout.

Remembering this as you undertake your research will be beneficial. If your interactions run smoothly, your event will stand out from the crowd, leaving behind an event to remember. Think of how you want the event to look, too- we at Univid have a handful of ways you can jazz up your virtual event.

How do you make your event interactive?

A productive solution to making your event interactive is to aid participant interaction by adding questions, polls and quizzes to get everyone present involved. You can insert these polls, questions and quizzes each step of the way- from when you start to plan your virtual event, to scheduling and implementing it. In this way, even a pre-recorded webinar can be made interactive, with live chat moderators, pre-planned polls and content designed with engagement in focus.

Poll questions can be as random or as fun as you like, depending on the mood you want to set.

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Identify the size and style of your event

So, you’ve got the interactive element of your event down. But there’s more you can do to make your virtual event the hot ticket of the year.

As the event planner and host, it’s up to you to accomplish the next part of the process: coming up with some creative suggestions and fun ideas of what kind of questions can captivate your audience. A bored audience = an unsuccessful event! You want everyone to be enraptured and engrossed, paying attention to everything.

But before you do this, it’s a sensible idea to cast your mind and define what kind of event you have in mind- this is all part of the preparation that we mentioned earlier.

Will it be a small and intimate affair, or a large gathering? Having an idea of the size is imperative so that you can tailor your questions and polls accordingly.

If you have an event on the smaller side, you can suggest that each person goes around to introduce themselves, and even use the poll generators to implement questions that act as fun and informal games like ‘ice breakers’.

You’ve probably been introduced to the concept of the icebreaker on your first day at a new job, or new class. You can utilize the effective psychological tool of the icebreaker to ‘break the ice’ with some questions that allows everyone to get to know one another better. This helps your event get off to a good start- banishing any awkwardness or nervousness, and helps everyone feel more relaxed. An icebreaker can be a part of everyone’s introductions. For instance, you can suggest that they say one interesting fact about themselves, or say one truth and one lie and have everyone in the event guess which is which.

Some of the good poll suggestions through our randomise generator include ones as varied and entertaining as “what is your most used emoji?” To “what would the title of your autobiography be?”. The most seemingly innocuous questions can spark deep conversations that encourage familiarity and an ease amongst your participants.

On the flip side, if you have hundreds or even thousands of participants at your event, it is advisable to focus on questions with short quantitative answers - ones that can easily engage the audience and then be clearly summarized in the broadcast, giving structure to your event while still offering some exciting variation.

An important thing to remember is to give feedback on the results of the questions and answers that come in, which will contribute to the interactive feeling and makes the event a high-spirited and fun one!

Identify what the tone and theme of your event is in order to create a poll that is relevant

If you are hosting an event or webinar in order to get to know what clients or customers feel about your product/idea/business, you can use a poll to act as a survey and garner feedback from them.If you are using it as a way to personalise your brand, you can use a poll to give your brand a more familiar touch.

Creative suggestions for polls and questions that will activate your digital audience

Coming up with good questions is a part of the creative process of figuring out how best to activate your virtual event audience.

The tool above is intended to, completely free of charge, help you with this process by offering a generator that randomly extracts examples from our library of stimulating questions that will get and keep your audience, big or small, engrossed.

What are you waiting for? Use our straightforward tools now to create awe-inspiring webinars that activate and energise your audience!

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q: How to do a poll in webinar?

Creating a poll in a webinar, involves deciding what question to ask, what type of poll you want, and when to launch it. Depending on webinar software, you might have different alternatives. In Univid you can create the poll before or during the webinar - launch when you are ready.

Q: Do polls in webinars increase engagement?

Yes, polls increase engagement in webinars. The attendees are activated when having to answer polls, which keeps the focus on the webinar, and re-focuses users that have tabbed out. Polls also allow the attendees to feel involved and give feedback on the content, making the presentation more relevant for everyone.

Q: How do you make engaging polls?

You make engaging polls by asking yourself two things. 1. Who is attending your webinar and 2. What are interesting questions to them. Also, think about what they want to know about each other. This way the answers of the polls allows the attendees to learn more about their peers and industry.

Q: What is a fun poll in a webinar?

A fun poll allows the webinar attendee who answers the poll to learn something new or re-imagine how they think about a problem. You could give the attendees chance to impact what you present, or simply keep them focused. Make the poll relevant for them, and it will be fun.

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