Random Poll Questions Generator for Events

Generate the perfect starter questions randomly with a click. Click below to generate suggestions for polls and questions to active your virtual event audience.


Hosting the virtual event - the role of event organizer

So you should host a webinar or event? The role of host is not easy and requires a lot of preparation. One of the most important components of a successful digital broadcast is the interaction and that the event participants feel involved. If you do interaction correctly, your event will be both memorable and stand out from the majority of all events held around the world.

Create interaction through questions and polls

To engage participants important to prepare properly with questions, polls and quizzes. A good event is arranged with interaction in mind throughout the process. From content planning, to schedule and implementation. In this way, even a pre-recorded webinar can be made interactive, with live chat moderators, pre-planned polls and content designed with engagement in focus.

Event size affects the type of questions that are appropriate

So we agree that interaction is important throughout the preparation of the event. For you as an event planner or event organizer, it is therefore important to come up with creative suggestions and ideas on good issues that engage the audience. Here, the size of the event is important, as the size of the event affects how the participants are supposed to answer the questions.

If you have a smaller meeting, it may be that each person introduces themselves with video in the meeting. If you are instead a couple of hundred people or thousands of participants, it is important to focus on questions with short quantitative answers - which can easily engage the audience and be summarized clearly in the broadcast. An important aspect is to really give feedback on the results and the answers that come in; it contributes to the live feeling and makes the event fun and lively!

Suggestions that can help your creative process with questions, polls and activating a digital audience

It is a creative process to come up with good questions, and know which polls and questions actually work to activate your virtual event audience. The tool above is intended to, completely free of charge, help you in this process by simply randomly extracting examples from a library of really good questions and starters that we know activate the audience for medium to large events. The tool also gives you an indication of which format of poll or answer options is appropriate for each question proposal.

Create really good digital events and activate your audience now!