Microdata - Engaging and personal SaaS webinars

As a leading HR SaaS, Microdata knows how to get personal with their prospects and customers - hosting interactive webinars to inspire, educate and build thought leadership. Monthly sessions led by product experts guide attendees on efficient HR digitalization.

Through polls, Q&A and reactions - the audience is kept engaged and can get their burning questions answered.

The webinars are also available to enjoy on-demand in crispy full HD. And all this in beautiful Microdata branded fashion.

"Univid's ease of use has really raised the standard of our webinars and also resulted in a strong interaction with our participants. Through Univid, we have closer contact with our participants and each webinar feels engaged and personal. A rewarding investment for both us and our participants."
Karolina Donnerot - Head of Marketing, Microdata
Microdata - Engaging and personal SaaS webinars
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