Kontek Lön - Get inspired through SaaS webinars

Do you want to get inspired and learn more about HR and what’s shaping the landscape in 2024? Kontek is a Payroll and HR SaaS company hosting inspiring webinars on these topics in Univid – with both Q&A and polls for activation and feedback from attendees. Kontek hosts large scale customer events from their professional studio, as well as relaxed weekly webinars straight from the webcam.
"Univid has delivered an incredibly high level of service from the first meeting; personal and professional with the customer in focus. A platform that offers high flexibility and a smart CTA function that increases conversion. Univid is not just a platform - they are webinar specialists!"
Marie Falk - Project Manager, Kontek Lön
Kontek Lön - Get inspired through SaaS webinars
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