How do you record a webinar in Univid?

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Here is how to record a webinar in Univid. Psst.. it's really simple.

How do you record the webinar?

Recording a webinar in Univid is super simple - because it's automatically done for you.

You only have to go live and the webinar will automatically be recorded.

Thus, you don't have to worry about forgetting to record.

Simply enter the webinar studio - press "go live" and the webinar will be both 1. live streamed to the audience, and 2. recorded.

Go live with your webinar session

How do you access the recording?

Accessing the recording might be abit tricky. You need to end the webinar first, by pressing "end webinar". This is for your safety, so you don't accidentally put the webinar in on-demand mode, when you still want to go live in the same session.


The webinar recording will then be available as A. .mp4 file to download, or you can simply B. publish the recording on the same link.


You can of course preview the recording directly in Univid as well👇


Also, if you want to embed the video on your own site directly from Univid (without hosting it yourself) - contact us and we will help you set it up.

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