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So Univid enables interactive events - let’s look at one major functionality that makes events more interactive - polls and quizzes

So Univid enables interactive events - let’s look at one major functionality that makes events more interactive - polls and quizzes

Smooth real-time voting in a Mentometer fashion

Most events in the future will have a digital layer with a virtual audience tuning in. This digital-first way of thinking means third-party solutions for polling your audience like Mentimeter is just additional software to keep track of. Instead, we at Univid offer these type of voting, data collection, and mentometer functionalities directly in the event platform - meaning you can have your live stream at the same place where you have all the interaction with your audience - a huge value for a lot of our customers.

Create polls before or during an event

As a presenter you have the option to create polls. It is easy and fast. You can do this ad-hoc during a digital event, meeting or webinar, and it just takes a few clicks and you can get a poll or quiz question up in a few seconds. You can also prepare these ahead of the event though, and it can be quite a valuable way of planning and structuring your event - with interactivity in mind already from the content creation and not just as an external layer.

create poll example

Control your flow as a presenter

So you have created your poll. Now you have the option to publish the poll and reveal the answers on the poll to the audience. When you publish a poll, the audience will get a popup with the poll to answer over the stream window. They will be able to answer the poll and can then find the poll afterward in the “Polls” tab to their right. Also, you have the option to reveal the answer of the poll for the audience - then the participants will be able to see what all the other participants (anonymously) have answered. You can choose to either reveal the answers from the start, before publishing, after you published your poll, or not at all - meaning just the presenters will be able to see the answers. Then you can choose to talk about the answers in the stream instead.

publish polls and reveal poll answers example

Multiple choice

You can create multiple-choice polls, where you input a number of alternatives for the audience to answer. The polls can be configured to allow the user to only choose one alternative or multiple ones. You can also set each alternative of the poll to be correct, neutral, or incorrect; this means you can use the polls as a quiz type of functionality as well. For the multiple-choice polls you will get statistics in form of a pie chart displaying the distribution of answers - which you also can reveal to the audience of course.

multiple choice poll mentometer example

Free-text polls

These polls can be used as a powerful way of taking the temperature of the audience, gathering feedback without forcing some alternatives, but rather letting the participants elaborate freely in free text. The results of these polls can either be displayed as a word cloud or a simple wall of answers - both are quite a powerful and visual way of gathering user data.

free text word wall poll mentometer example

Smooth real-time voting in a Mentometer fashion, with beautiful statistics is displayed for the audience in form of word clouds, pie charts, and graphs. All the results are also expandable into a new window in your browser so you can easily include them in your stream as well or show them to the moderators in a studio or hybrid setting. Polling should be smooth, beautiful, and easy!

Looking for the most beautiful, interactive, and easy-to-use solution for your next event, webinar, or digital meeting? Contact and we will set up a demo.

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