Webinar guide: What is a call to action (CTA)?

A CTA or call-to-action is a marketing term describing a hint that encourages one to take action. Learn how to use CTA:s to drive leads in webinars, its importance in marketing, and how to unlock the power of CTAs!

What is a call-to-action (CTA) in a webinar?


What is a CTA?

A CTA or call-to-action is a marketing term describing a hint that encourages one to take action. CTAs are typically buttons with text and can inspire actions like subscribing to a newsletter, downloading a whitepaper, or buying on the spot. Completing these actions counts as conversions.

Call-to-actions examples

Examples of call to actions in webinars

How CTAs are used in webinars

Webinars are a powerful tool for engaging with customers and prospects. In order to make the most of this channel, it’s important to include calls-to-action (CTAs).

👉 Learn 5 strategies and examples on how to boost your conversion using call-to-actions.

CTAs can be used during webinars to encourage participants to take desired actions such as registering for future webinars or visiting specific pages on the website. Additionally, CTAs can be used to encourage participants to share content with their networks and help spread the message of the webinar further.

A few tips for incorporating CTAs effectively in webinars include:

  • Make Your CTA Visible - Be sure that your CTA stands out from other elements on the screen. Use bold colors, or even an animation to draw people’s attention to the call-to-action. Preferably in the webinar software itself.

  • Use verbs in your CTA - Describe exactly what action you’d like participants to take. Include a verb to create action - (buy, book, signup, download, visit)

  • Keep your CTA simple - Providing too much information will confuse participants and they may not take action. Make it clear using simple words that a 5 year old would understand.

  • Introduce scarcity - Make sure that your CTA is relevant to the topic of the webinar, but also that you give some incentives to take action now. For example, "Only 3 seats left", "Signup within 30 minutes to get free early bird access".

By incorporating CTAs into webinars, you can increase engagement with customers and prospects and encourage them to take action. Be sure to keep these tips in mind when crafting your CTAs and you’ll be sure to maximize the results.

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