The beautiful and engaging alternative to hosting a Zoom webinar

Univid is a fun and interactive alternative to Zoom that takes your webinars to the next level. Experiencing Zoom fatigue? In Univid, you can graphically brand and customize your webinar, broadcast in crisp HD quality and activate the audience through unique polls and quizzes. Univid is easy-to-use and looks great!

univid event platform in action with different virtual events and webinarsUnivid is a leader in Webinar on G2
"The platform was awesome and we appreciated that it was possible to adapt it to our graphic profile. The reactions also gave a lively and wonderful feeling. We will definitely use Univid for our future events."
Fanny Falkenberg - Founder and Partner, Go Care
Happy customer of the Univid webinar platform - Fanny Falkenberg on Go Care
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Univid vs. Zoom Webinar: What is right for me?

Great question! We obviously think Univid is pretty awesome, but let us give you a transparent answer:
Both platforms act as webinar tools and have features such as screen sharing, chat and registration pages.

Browser-based or downloaded client

While Zoom is primarily a tool that every user must download, Univid is completely browser-based and requires no download for webinar participants. Zoom also has a version for the browser, but this is somewhat limited in functionality. Many companies do not allow external downloaded programs, which can make it more difficult to webinar with these actors as participants. In Univid there is full functionality in the browser and participants are invited with just one link - completely without downloads.

Participant registration page

Inviting to an event or webinar often requires you to set up a registration page for your event. If you use Zoom and want to customize the graphics of your registration page beyond your logo and form, this requires that you have an external tool for creating a registration page, sending out customized invitations via email, etc.

In Univid, you automatically get a stylish registration page that is created with exactly the same theme that you select on in your session. Here, your participants can easily sign up before the event in style and you have full control of registered users, emails, and customizable reminders. Your attendees easily come into your webinar with just a click, and are fully trackable in statistics once the webinar goes live. Stress-free, easy-to-use and fun. Univid does not require any technical background or expertise, and is based on drag-and-drop where you can easily create your session and associated functions. Are you okay with using an external tool and / or do not need a customizable registration page - we recommend that you try both Zoom Webinar and Univid to see what works best for you!

Customization and personalization

In Zoom webinars, you can host your background in the video for a virtual background of your choice. Otherwise, graphic adaptation is limited and you want e.g. have your logo with you, you have to work on getting it on your slides that you screen share. In Univid, you can customize the entire session through header colors, brand both 1. registration page, 2. reminders, and 3. the live session with your logo, background and colors - suitable for you who want to create more personal and professional webinars.

Webinar chat

Both Zoom and Univid have chat functionality. The chat in Zoom is generally hidden and you as a participant can choose to pick it up. Zoom's chat is also completely text - based, with limited opportunities to send emojis, vote on various messages, or have clear discussion threads - so the Zoom chat is well suited for simpler webinars, which do not require these elements in their communication. In Univid, the chat is a little more in the center as it is visible to all participants as a basic mode. In Univid's chat, participants can reply to posts in discussion threads, share their LinkedIn profile to network, send emojis, and respond to each post. In Univid, the host can also easily see which questions are most relevant by sorting by how the participants have reacted and see which questions are most voted on, something that is tricky to get a quick overview of in Zoom.

96% of users use Univid again

According to a 2023 survey

Users love Univid on G2
Univid is a leader in Webinar on G2Univid is a leader in Webinar on G2Univid is a leader in Webinar on G2
Univid is a leader in Webinar on G2
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What is a Zoom webinar?

A Zoom webinar is a digital event or larger meeting where a smaller panel should interact or present to a larger audience.

A webinar or so-called. Zoom webinars usually take place by inviting participants with a calendar invitation or link. The size of the webinar is usually between 25 and 300 people, but often larger webinars also take the place of a Zoom webinar. In the larger webinars, however, it is important to think about the format to ensure that all participants feel engaged, involved and focused.

These major types of events and happenings have also placed new demands on the choice of meeting tools. Thus, new solutions such as Univid has evolved to meet these new needs, with features such as reactions, polls and quizzes where participants can be involved without everyone necessarily having to participate in video.

Zoom dictionary - list of features and concepts

Below is a list of the features and concepts used when it comes to Zoom and webinars, and where these features are located in Univid:

Zoom webinar

I Zoom has different licenses based on whether you should only hold so-called Zoom meetings or webinars - where only one host (& quot; webinar host & quot;) and a selected panel of speakers are shown in video. In the Zoom webinar, regular participants do not have the camera on, but only participate through chat, show of hands or Q & amp; A. For Zoom webinars, you can have many more participants than at Zoom for meetings. Zoom contains simple polls, but for more powerful and graphically beautiful graphs and polls, a third-party app must be used, such as Mentimeter - this allows participants to jump to a new link, use another tab or even an additional device.

Zoom webinar is thus used for larger presentations where the focus is on a speaker or a panel of speakers who share, lecture, share a screen or answer questions from the audience.

In Univid, participants can answer polls and quizzes, chat with each other and the speakers, they can also ask questions and react with different emojis and smileys in a beautiful flow that all other participants can enjoy. Everything is fully integrated with the broadcast, so participants can stay on one and the same link, throughout the broadcast! Univid is created for powerful webinars, where you can broadcast from the studio or your webcam in high video quality. The host can share screen in peace, with a click send out their pre-created polls and answer the most liked questions in the chat!

Zoom waiting room

Zooms waiting room means that the participants who navigate to the webinar link, before the webinar has been started by the host, end up in a so-called waiting room. The host can choose to admit participants in any order.

In Univid there is also a waiting room that is graphically appealing with your theme, background image, log and title of the event. Here, participants can in peace and quiet choose whether they want to create an account, or log in with a nickname, and take the opportunity to network while you as a host in peace and quiet prepare the last things before your webinar goes live!

Zoom share screen

Zoom share screen means that the host can share a screen with the webinar's participants - so the participants will see the same thing as you see on your screen if you share a screen. As a host, you can choose to share both a window, a tab in the browser or your entire screen. The host can also choose to share audio or not. At a Zoom webinar, however, it is often a problem to screen share a video from e.g. Youtube. In Univid, it is possible to share a screen and optimize for either video or still image. This way you can get perfectly streamed video sharing, without it hacking like Zoom. So Univid is a great option for you who often want to share video via screen sharing at your Zoom webinars.

Zoom raise your hand

Zoom has a feature to call attention, without need to turn on their camera or disrupt the flow of the webinar. This hand-raising function is available to all meeting participants, and is visible in the form of a small static symbol next to the participant's name in the participant list.

In Univid, participants can instead react with emojis and reactions, which all other participants and the hosts views like a continuous stream of reactions. This is instead a lively and dynamic flow of reactions that quickly gives the host a sense of what the participants think. Afterwards, you can analyze graphs of how the participants have generally reacted to different parts of the lecture or meeting, which is helpful in improving the content in the future. The basic reactions to Univid involve thumbs up, happy smiley, heart and impressed / surprised smiley - but you will soon also be able to choose your own for your video meeting!

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Why webinar hosts are making the switch from Zoom Webinar to Univid

Here are some more of the reasons hosts have shared for why they’ve chosen Univid to power their webinars.

Happy customers that come back

Univid's customers are some of the most satisfied on the market, with 96% of users wanting to use Univid again, and 4.8/5 rating on G2.

Beautiful and branded webinars

Features to beautifully customize with your own branding, logos and colors. Digital events that make your audience remember.

Unique interaction with polls, quizzes, and gamification

Interaction via quizzes, polls and word clouds, integrated directly into the digital event. Engage your audience with style, graphs in all shapes and colors, growing in real time. No third-party app or complex integrations. Let participants compete and get points in the leaderboard. Fresh, modern, and fun.

Go live in crisp full HD quality

In Univid, you can choose to run crisp studio quality in your live streams and meetings in real time. Enjoy avoiding pixelated buffer faces and lagging video. Impress your audience the highest quality.
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