Hopin is sold to RingCentral - welcome to Univid

Are you thinking of your next move after Hopin? The acquisition by RingCentral will mean big changes to both Hopin Session and Hopin Events. This is the perfect time to take your virtual events and webinars to the next level. Univid has the same functionality that you are used to, but in a more modern and engaging package.

And trust us - you will get up to speed in a minute.

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4.8/5 rating on G2
univid event platform in action with different virtual events and webinarsUnivid is a leader in Webinar on G2
"The platform was awesome and we appreciated that it was possible to adapt it to our graphic profile. The reactions also gave a lively and wonderful feeling. We will definitely use Univid for our future events."
Fanny Falkenberg - Founder and Partner, Go Care
Happy customer of the Univid webinar platform - Fanny Falkenberg on Go Care
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So, how does Univid compare to Hopin?

Great question! Univid has all the same functionality like chat, polls, q&a, a virtual studio, etc. But we are also much more than that.

Unmatched ease of use makes the switch pain free

G2 has crowned Univid the easiest to use webinar platform summer 2023. We are proud to say that it is possible to create a virtual event in less than 60 seconds with Univid. The onboarding is really quick, and the platform is built to be intuitive even for a first-time host. If there are any questions at all, just ask our support which is available for you via phone or chat with a super fast response time (by the way also crowned the best support summer 2023).

Engagement 2.0

Hopin has interactive features, but Univid takes it to the next level. Interactive features include chat, q&a, polls, reactions (customizable) and call-to-actions. If you want, you can enable gamification which lets the participant collect engagement points throughout the event experience. A leaderboard can be made visible for everyone to spark even more interaction. A dashboard is available with all the information about participant engagement - in real time as well. After the event, this information can be sent directly to your CRM (more on that soon).

Get a higher ROI

Hosting virtual events and webinars takes a bit of effort, so Univid makes sure you get your value for it. Whether you want to build customer loyalty, sell a product, teach, get newsletter signups, generate leads, or anything else, Univid is there for you. With our call to action feature, you can drive conversions to your website. Univid's call to action directs the viewers attention to where you want it, and ensures engagement.

Fantastic integrations - with HubSpot, Salesforce and more.

We know that integrations with your existing systems are crucial to reduce your work load and maximize the value of each event. While Hopin offers some level of integration, Univid's are a step up. Minimize your manual work by using our native integrations with HubSpot, SalesForce, Upsales, and other marketing and CRM systems. And if you happen to have a solution that is currently without a native integration, we have a Zapier solution that you can use. Whether you want to feed participants into Univid, or get engagement data back into your CRM, you can be sure to get the smoothest integrations available.


In Hopin, you get some basic design choices. At Univid, your brand at the core of each event. This means the solution is white-labeled and fully customized to your brand. We know this is especially important for all the marketers out there. By the way - we have an AI that can design the entire webinar for you, just based off your website.

Trust - through quality and security

Univid offers an enterprise level of security and ensures complience with the latest regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our technology is scalable and resilient. For reference, Univid was selected as the virtual events platform for the largest political fair in the world (>100k digital participants), which ran without issues. With long experience in video technology, we value video and audio quality highly, and for that reason we have some of the best production companies as our customers.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions about our routines, technology or data processing.

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Univid is a leader in Webinar on G2Univid is a leader in Webinar on G2
Univid is a leader in Webinar on G2