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Choosing the day and time for your webinar can be a difficult thing, especially when guest speakers are to be invited and your audience is busy. Most people do not host enough webinars to judge quantitatively which times work best. Fortunately, you can now find the best day and time to maximize webinar registrations by two clicks below in Univid's schedule tool below.


The importance of choosing the right day and time for your next webinar

You have spent a lot of time preparing for your next big webinar. Everything is ready. You have invited fantastic guest speakers who will draw an audience, prepared good content for your webinar, booked everything in the calendar and maybe even rehearsed the day before. Finally, the time is approaching for you to go live and the countdown counts down the last seconds. You suddenly notice that it does not flow in as many viewers as you expected.

Choosing the right time and day for your webinar can be crucial - and is one of the easiest ways to optimize your chances for a successful next webinar.

How can I know which day and time that is best?

It is difficult to know exactly which day and time is best to maximize the number of participants and viewers. But you can start from statistically optimal times and days of the week, to make the best decision possible and maximize the chances of a successful webinar.

Of course, the optimal time also depends on your participants' schedule, your industry and if you have multiple geographic zones involved. But you are well on your way by reading this article and you have come to the right place to maximize your chances for a successful webinar.

Use the schedule tool at the top of this page to get a personal suggestion for you as a will help you prepare for your next webinar. You can see what statistically optimal times and days of the week are, to host a webinar that gets maximum with registrations and viewers. Or read on and see what times and days are recommended.

Which day is best for webinar?

Based on statistics from thousands of webinars, the best days to hold a webinar are Thursday, Wednesday and Tuesday. That is, holding your webinar in the middle of the week is a safe bet, to get many registrations and participants. So choose the right day and reduce the risk of people being booked on other plans.

Below you can see more accurate statistics on which days the participants prefer to go to webinars.

What days to people prefer to attend webinars?

What time of day is best for webinar?

Time of day also greatly affects your chances of a successful webinar with many participants. The best times for webinars are around lunch, just before and after - at 11, 13 and 14. A bit similar choice of weekday where Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are good days - choose sometime in the middle for a successful webinar!

See more data on which times give the most participants in webinars below.

What times attracts the most webinar registrations?

What other things do you need to think about to choose the best time for your webinar?

As I said - the recommendations above are general and you know your audience best. Therefore, make sure to plan your next webinar with these times in mind, but also start from your participants' schedule in the first place, think about geographical zones and keep track of holidays. You do not want to happen to host a Nordic webinar on May 17, when Norway has its national day - but also not June 12 when it's time in Sweden - so do your research and do not be afraid to check around a bit with your participants before. Maybe run a survey where you can request dates for the event, or make a random selection where you email some participants in different segments and check which dates they would prefer.

Also remember to choose a good platform for your webinar - like for example Univid that supports both 1. registration flow with beautiful registration pages and emails, and 2. a simple and powerful session for broadcast - where you can brand nicely and easily engage your audience. In addition, you get smart tips and recommendations directly in the platform, which means that you do not have to think about all these steps yourself and can plan and carry out the webinar in peace and quiet.

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