Random Funny Nickname Suggestions for Interactive Webinars

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Random and funny nickname suggestions for your webinars

One of the many benefits of using Univid for your webinars is that you can offer some fun by customising and personalize the event and webinar to your liking, including an open option - where you allow the participants to attend with a fun nickname! This will help your event stand out from the crowd and give it its own personalized twist.

So, what is a nickname?

Nicknames are a sweet shorthand to intimacy and familiarity: often our family members and close friends have nicknames for us and vice versa. They’re a signifier of closeness, usually a way of expressing how well you know someone, sometimes names that only the people in on it will understand.

It’s defined as an “informal name for someone or something”, so is not just relegated to a name for a person, but can also be for a place or object.

Nicknaming your event is a perfect way to interact in a less formal and more easygoing way with your guests.

Many digital events allow the participant to use a nickname for it, which can make it more memorable, and this is something we offer with Univid.

The next part of the quest is to come up with something fun and/or appropriate that suits the event's level of formality.

In many cases where it is an event that is organised in a more formal manner, it may be wise to simply use your first or full name for the event, e.g. Magnus A or, Magnus Andersson.

But for the more informal virtual event, it’s a perfect opportunity to come up with a more inventive and imaginative nickname! Maybe something your colleagues attending the event will be able to relate to, or a randomly generated nickname so people have to guess a little when it ends up on the leaderboard in the quiz competition. That is where our randomized generator comes in handy!

How do you come up with a unique nickname for digital events?

Inventing a unique nickname can be easier said than done! If you do not have a suggestion up your sleeve ready to whip out, you can improvise a little, by using our generator or reading some suggestions below.

Keep in mind that the best nicknames are ones that your guests or the other attendees will already have a reference for - maybe a funny story or word they all associate with you, your team, or an event you all attended together. The best nicknames spark a memory!

1. Common nickname ideas for a formal virtual event

Some common, tried-and-tested ways of finding a nickname for your formal event can be:

To take your name and just abbreviate it: For example, Jonathan can be Jonte, JR or Jona. Melanie can be Mel, Katie Kate and so on.

Use just your initials: For example, Andrew Johnson can be A.J, Ronja Svensson can be R.S.

Use your last name: For example, Michael Smith can be Smithy.

2. Nicknames on the unique side

However, there are some other methods to think of nicknames that fall to the more creative side- ones that are less obvious and perhaps more niche.

Some ideas:

  • Use a retro nickname. A zany idea could be to cast your mind back the 1950s with unusual nicknames like "Skippy", "Beef", or "Dottie". Or look even further afield to eras of history like the Victorian one, where nicknames like "Josie", "Fritz" or “Zeb" are aplenty. Watch old TV shows and movies like Grease to inspire you with some out-of-the-box nicknames like "Rizzo", "Frenchy" and “Marty”.
  • Create a nickname based on your hometown or interests. Everyone has an interesting story to tell with regards to their background- and where you come from or what you do can be more than just facts about yourself. They can be inspiration for a nickname!

Maybe you're good at programming and come from New York - call yourself "NY Code Wizard", or if you like to cook - you can call yourself "Master Chef”. Maybe you like rollerskating and can call yourself “Roller Girl”, or you’ve baking and can call yourself “Baker Boy”. The possibilities are endless once you start thinking in a more unconventional way.

3. Take note from your favourite artist or musician

Think Madonna was born just Madonna? She decided to drop the ‘Louise Ciccone’ from her birth name and create the powerful one-named entity she is today.

You can give yourself a nickname with more pizzazz by following suit. If you’re not quite upto the Madonna-level, then take inspiration from other celebrities like Katy Perry and Demi Moore, who used their middle and parent’s names as stage names.

A good artist name is short, easy to pronounce and represents who you are. You might know the artist and rapper Aubrey Graham, better known as Drake (Champagne Papi on Instagram if you’re a hardcore fan), or even bygone stars like Marilyn Monroe, who was born with the plain and simple name of Jean Baker. The best nicknames are easy to remember- no one ever forgets Beyonce, do they?

4. Use physical or personal qualities to your advantage.

Reclaim those little quirks of yours!

Joking about yourself will signal to others that you’re at ease with yourself. For example if you are a bit nerdy, call yourself Prof or Doc. Or you are more on the artistically inclined side- call yourself Da Vinci, Michelangelo or Van Gogh as a little joke.

Take the opportunity to use Univid's random nickname generator tool above for some lively and entertaining nicknames. It is sure to liven up any event you have!You can always use the tool just to get some much needed inspiration and then combine some of ours with your own ideas to enable the perfect nickname that your colleagues or friends will soon never forget!

Here with us at Univid you can also easily let the participants log in with just a nickname for events, webinars or meetings you create, as well as create their own account with their email address and a profile photo- perfect for networking.

A nickname is ideal to ensure simplicity and memorability during your event, as well as encouraging a relaxed atmosphere and eliminates that modern dilemma of Zoom fatigue! Feel free to create your own event or webinar for free with Univid and test now: app.univid.io.

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