HubSpot Webinar Integration to Univid (HubSpot CRM)

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Connect your Univid webinars with HubSpot CRM - through this HubSpot webinar integration. Use your own HubSpot forms for webinar registration. Get engagement insights on contact level into your CRM.

Connect your Univid webinars with HubSpot CRM - through this HubSpot webinar integration. Use your own HubSpot forms for webinar registration. Get engagement insights on contact level into your CRM.


The HubSpot webinar integration to Univid

Univid is easily integrated with HubSpot. This means you can use your own signup forms in HubSpot, manage all of your contacts in your own CRM, but also smoothly connect it with your webinar in Univid - involving reminders, and engaging live sessions in Univid. Or even run your own webinar emails from HubSpot, with personal links from Univid.

An automated process that saves you time, without loosing valuable insights, beautiful branding, and data.

Univid Hubspot Webinar Integration Overview

Get engagement and insights during your webinar, and work seamlessly with lead scoring, etc. on individual level in your CRM.

Univid Hubspot Webinar Integration Engagement Insights and Analytics

With the Univid insights you get back into HubsSpot - you can:

  • find out exactly who answered what in polls

  • make a HubSpot list of everyone that rated your webinar 4 out 5

  • get all attendees who clicked your CTA

  • who asked questions in Q&A

  • see who attended your webinar on demand

All powered by the webinar insights you get back directly in the activity feed on your contacts.

Based on these activity cards, you can easily build out lists of hot leads, ambassadors, or customers in need of more attention. Let your sales team get all the data they need. Use your webinars to qualify leads right into the CRM. Or, allow customer success to get detailed feedback of poll answers and overview of common questions in the Q&A.

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What are HubSpot users saying about the webinar integration to Univid?

HubSpot webinar integration to Univid - User reviews

HubSpot user 1: "Super easy flow"

HubSpot webinar integration to Univid - User review #2

HubSpot user 2: "More than satisfied"

Already using Univid and ready to connect to HubSpot?

Below you can open or download the integration guide, explaining in detail how to connect your Univid session to HubSpot:


What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a CRM platform. A very popular choice of tool amongst businesses working with both outbound and inbound strategies, marketing automation, and growth.

HubSpot integrates with a variety of tools such as webinar platforms and marketing automation software. There are a few HubSpot webinar integrations to choose from, where Univid is a top rated choice by users in the HubSpot Marketplace.


Can you create lists in HubSpot based on the webinar attendee data?

Yes, you can easily use the timeline events and properties sent by Univid to HubSpot, as filters. You will find Univid under "Integration filters" when you create your HubSpot list.

HubSpot webinar integration - Create lists with custom filters - Univid

Create lists based on custom filters from the webinar engagement

Can you create workflows in HubSpot based on engagement data from the webinar?

Yes, you can build workflows that are triggered by the engagement insights sent by Univid to HubSpot. E.g., CTA clicks, whether an attendee watched on-demand, or Q&A questions.

Can you use your own custom email templates in HubSpot?

Yes, when setting up webinars through Univid, you can use HubSpot email templates to send out your own confirmation and reminder emails. You can use the personal attendee link from Univid (get it through a Custom Workflow Action) - to include as a dynamic tag in your emails from HubSpot.

HubSpot Custom Email Template for Webinar with Personal Link

This way, you can easily customize everything in the reminder emails, and even include your own "add to calendar" buttons in your emails from HubSpot.

Make sure that the webinar software has a direct add to calendar feature. This way you minimize confusion and ensure a higher attendance rate.

Some users still prefer to use the branded webinars that come out of the box in Univid, despite being HS power users. But, if you don't want them at all - you have full control, and can simply disable them in Univid. You decide!

Do you go through HubSpot in the onboarding?

Yes, we have our own HubSpot webinar experts at Univid. In the onboarding, we will help you configure your webinars right so the webinars communicate correctly with the Univid HubSpot app and your CRM. We can also assist with setting up your own webinar email templates, so you feel confident before going live!

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