Participant Guide 📙

Below we describe how to connect and be able to watch a Univid webinar or broadcast. Common questions and troubleshooting and last but not least, the requirements in order to participate.

Connect to Univid

Make sure to have received a link to access the webinar or broadcast, the link is normally sent via email to you.
Upon clicking the link, fill in a name and possibly other information.
You will now be able to see the webinar / broadcast.
Note that if you are asked to fill in an email, this email is the email where you will recieve a confirmation email of your sign-up and a quick access link making you not needed to fill in your information when entering again.
Guide: make sure you are on the correct link

Technical issues?

Seeing: Event will start soonEverything is in place on your end. Give the host some more time, perhaps contact the host and ask if the start time is postponed. There is no audioMake sure the video player is not muted, move the mouse cursor or tap the video box to bring up the video box menu. In the menu there is a speaker icon, make sure it's not muted. Cannot enter Univid / no video despite webinar has startedNormally this is due to a highly protected network.VPN: If you have a VPN active, switch it off, restart the web browser and connect again.Firewall: To workaround a strict firewall, connect to a mobile's shared internet (or try joining via phone).If you are not able to turn off the VPN or connect to another internet. Contact your IT department for a proposed solution. Some VPNs and/or firewalls are configured to not support watching webinars. Can't enter fullscreenIf you do not see a bottom menu once the event is live, and are browsing in from a phone or tablet, press the video image. Once you see the bottom menu for the video image, you should be able find the fullscreen button in the bottom right corner of the screen. For further clarification, check out this video. The video image is freezingMost likely the internet connection is weak on your side. Try to change location or plugging in an internet cable. Use the support chatWhile in a session, there is to the bottom left corner a ?, by clicking the ? you will be able to chat with the Univid support and we can help out with your issue.

What you need

Modern web browser on your computer / smartphoneAccess to internet Note: Avoid highly protected networks, some VPNs and/or firewalls are configured to not support watching the webinarThe specific link to the webinar or broadcastSpeakers or headphones to hear the audio

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