Quality assure your next webinar at three critical stages

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Keeping track of everything can be complicated, leverage Univids checklists and produce webinars smoothly.



Creating a session

  1. ✅ Added co-workers/guest speakers as admins for the session

  2. ✅ Date and time are correct

  3. ✅ Enabled email reminders for registrants

  4. ✅ If using registrations, it is enabled

  5. ✅ Configured a supported CRM integration

  6. ✅ Logo and image

  7. ✅ Distributed the link to potential participants in desired channels

Before going live

  1. ✅ Wanted features are enabled/disabled. E.g: Q&A is enabled, chat is disabled

  2. ✅ The session is not set to private

  3. ✅ Sound and video are working for everyone

  4. ✅ Internet connection is stable

  5. ✅ Disabled VPN if no video or sound is being sent from your computer or other hosts computer


  1. ✅ The recording of the webinar is published

  2. ✅ The outcome of the webinar is communicated to involved co-workers

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