A webinar that spreads itself - how to get more signups with advocacy marketing

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Jonathan Rintala
Updated: February 22nd, 2023
Published: June 23rd, 2022

Fuel your loop of advocacy marketing by making your webinar not only sound appealing and an event not to be missed, but to ensure your social media promotion and webinar tools are on point- so that it’s easy for attendees to share, and invite their peers to register before the event. As well as this, you can also increase your brand visibility by creating a webinar that attendees will be excited to share with their peers after the event has already occurred. In this article, we will go through some of the best tips to bring value before and after your webinar.

Advocacy marketing of your webinar - get attendees to share


Here are our tips to get your socials blowing up and make people want to share your content so that you get more registrant sign ups for your webinar event! Advocacy marketing means you as a marketer or company don't have to do all the sharing and pushing - if you do things right you will have an army of attendees pushing your valuable content to their peers and feeding your growth machinery.

1. Make sure your content is relevant, appropriate and buzzworthy

The first step to having content worthy of sharing is making sure that your targeted audience will want to share it. Make your webinar sound relevant to what's going on in the industry, and pick a theme that’s specific (without being way too niche).


Registration page example. Choose a fun title, highlight your speakers and be relevant.

2. Find interesting speakers for your webinar that will get people excited

A good speaker can bring the followers they already have with them to your event- people that may not have considered your event otherwise. You can use them as your tool to lure in guests who are familiar with their work or are eager to hear their expert opinion. You can get the speaker to share the event on their own platforms, where their audience can keep the chain of sharing going. Also, make sure you give the speaker optimal pre-requisites for sharing!

3. Have good visuals on your social media and make sure it’s optimized for sharing

Good visuals and images will catch attendees' eyes. Social media is your best friend when it comes to making content that is not only informative and arresting, but easy to share- just one click and you gain more registrants. Make sure to use professional cover photos on your social media pages. You can generate awesome looking, template-based, graphics automatically from your session in Univid to help you with this. Ensure that your cover appeals to encourage your target audience to register for your webinar.


Invite graphics for sharing example - created from session in Univid.

The easiest way to keep your audience updated about your webinar is to pin recent updates to the top of your social media accounts. Note that if your webinar is automated, ensure to make it timeless when pinning. This will encourage your audience to sign up for the webinar based on the benefits and it can be helpful when they want to find your post to share your event.


Sharing from Univid on LinkedIn or other social medias. With just a link.

4. Interact with your followers

Interaction will boost the visibility of your profiles- you can use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to connect with attendees and turn maybe-attendees into definates. By doing this, you also humanize your brand, by responding to messages or questions.

As important is to interact with your participants during the webinar - increasing their focus, improving conversion rates, and increasing probability of the attendees sharing your webinar with their peers afterwards.

5. Encourage sharing and make it easy

This is such a simple, yet powerful tip. Make sure to encourage people to share. Often times people need a small push to share your webinar with their colleagues and friends. You can conveniently add a small hint to encourage registered participants to share with their peers (with a sharable link) in your email reminders. Utilize your existing organization, sales team, etc. and make sure they share with potential leads, friends, and relevant people.

Make it easy and fun for people to share! Give them some nice graphics or content to share along with it, or make it into a competition - set a prize for who get's the most likes on a shared post on social media and tags you! Sky's the limit.

It’s not just before the webinar where you can get peers to want to share your content.

Even after the event, you can continue to demonstrate value to attendees and potential attendees.

Here are our tips to make attendees want to share the recording link with their peers after the webinar event has already taken place:

1. The first step would be to make sure you record your webinar to begin with

Without this, there isn’t anything for people to share! In good webinar tools (like in Univid), usually your webinar is recorded automatically once you press go live. And then available to download afterwards afterwards.

For example, use Univid, and everything will handily all be in one place with the recording available on the same link for on-demand replay afterwards, or for you to download in 1080p afterwards! More of our tips are here with useful free tools to using our platform.

3. Create a webinar that brings value to your attendees

We have more info on how to create the best webinar you can in our blogs posts here.

4. Set expectations at the end of the webinar

Remind attendees at the end of the webinar where they can access the link with the recording, and when. Make sure you do it when they’re still engaged and not two seconds before they’re logging off!

5. End with a clear call to action

Your call-to-action is a simple yet effective method of instructing your audience what to do next- like “don’t forget to share the link in your email!”. Tell them to check out your social media pages, which will have all of the latest, up-to-date info.


Whether it’s sharing info about your upcoming webinar or promoting your on-demand webinar and its link after the event to give your audience the opportunity to view it at their convenience, you’ll benefit enormously in leads and sales if you can get attendees invigorated and want to share it with their peers too.

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