Integrate Univid with other apps

Extend your CRMs source of truth, break down communication silos, and connect Univid to all oftools your company relies on.

Improve webinar data insights

Connect your team's tools to Univid and make sure information is consolidated and shared across teams in context. Getting data stored in the CRM makes it possible to conduct any analysis. For example ROI of your webinar is easier to measure, making it possible to take actions to further improve it. Note that there are many integrations compatible with Univid. In fact, Univid also offers a native API anyone can integrate with on our approval, just reach out to us!

HubSpot or Upsales for information sharing

Connect your company's favorite CRM and start sharing, storing, and creating new touchpoints in your customer journey leveraging webinar data from Univid.


The HubSpot integration for Univid supports you a modular, flexible transition between webinar software and CRM. HubSpot is excellent. HubSpot forms or Univid forms? Easier to work with Univid excel export or HubSpot lists? Monthly or yearly evaluations? No problem.

Get webinar data directly into HubSpot timeline activities.

Univid provides every interaction to your CRM. Making it easy to follow-up on questions or understanding the outcome of a webinar. Check out the HubSpot integration guide for more info.


When you find yourself needing a thorough webinar integration making administration of webinars easy and integrated with other client information, Upsales is your new best friend. It’s an excellent tool to collaboratively create landing pages and invite leads, manage the nitty-gritty work of a big webinar, or prepare content and preparation of all upcoming webinars. With the Upsales integration you can:

  • Automatically create Univid webinar invites, and signups can be done directly via Upsales.
  • Attendees are automatically checked in to Upsales Event module.
  • Gather leads or invite existing leads via Upsales.
  • Supports Upsales Events on-demand mode.
The best webinar experience using Upsales as CRM is achieved via the Univid webinar integration.

Turn emails into email marketing

Your audience relationship with emails and adding the webinar to the calendar? It's complicated… we get it! Most of the time emails are overwhelming, email reminders and follow-up emails are nonetheless relevant and contribute to your webinars show-up rate and ROI. To make sure you have full powers, integrations via Upsales and HubSpot support sending custom confirmation/reminder/follow-up emails without compromising great features such as 'add to calendar' and personal link. Make the webinar standout by not being 'just another webinar email', just imagine how many are using the same webinar provider.

Send emails with your own design, including a personal trackable webinar link. You will have same powerful email functionality - but it includes your own brand.

In most integrations it is normally possible to program a link with an email to include a personal link (A) obtain via the Univid integration. In Upsales this is setup out of the box with a boilerplate like email (B) which can be further customized. Some integrations (like HubSpot and Zapier) require a setup (C) to obtain the personal link used in the email.

Do more with automation

Whether you are a manager or have a more operational job, some tasks need to be frequently repeated. Consider how you can create templates that reduces the setup time. Univid enables you to save a webinar as a design template. Upsales and Lyyti has out of the box event modules making it easy to scale your webinar volume while customizing the look and feel of your brand. In HubSpot it is possible to duplicate workflows to speed up the installation per webinar. Do not forget to also automate the process after a webinar, sending follow-up emails and obtaining reports to evaluate the webinar. It is evident that integration normally saves time per webinar, making it easier to scale webinars.

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