Registreringssida för webbinarium: 9 saker du behöver

Lär dig vad en registreringssida är och vad du behöver för att få folk att registrera sig på ditt webbinarium. Här är hur du får massor av anmälningar till ditt nästa event.

Registreringssida för webbinarium



Webinars are a big deal for B2B SaaS companies. They're a chance to show off your product, share knowledge, and connect with potential customers. But to get people to show up, you need a great webinar registration page.

This guide will break down the must-have elements of this page, making it easy for your audience to sign up and get excited about your event.

What is a Webinar Registration Page?

Think of a webinar registration page as the front door to your event. It's where people go to sign up, learn what the webinar is about, and decide if they want to join. A well-designed page makes this process smooth and gets more people to click that "Register" button.

9 Key Components of a Webinar Registration Page

1. Catchy headline

Your headline is the first thing people see, so make it count. It should grab their attention and quickly tell them why your webinar is worth their time. Keep it short and sweet.

Write a catchy headline for your webinar - Webinar registration page

Ps. use ChatGPT to feed you with ideas. But you will need do a lot of prompting and re-write to authentic and crispy copy that makes your ideal target audience sign up.

2. Cool visuals

Pictures or graphics make your page more inviting. Use images that fit with your webinar's theme or show off what attendees can expect to learn.

Cool visuals - Webinar registration page

A good visual says more than 1000 words - which no one will read anyways. Introduce visual element - make your page pop and keep visitors interested.

3. The boring basics

Here’s where you tell everyone the webinar basics and details to attend:

  • Date and Time: Make sure it’s easy to see when the webinar is happening, and don’t forget the time zone.

  • Duration: Let people know how long they'll be tuning in.

  • Agenda: Give a quick preview of what topics you’ll cover to get attendees excited.

  • Language: If you are operating in local markets - specify the language you will use.

Ps. if you use a different webinar platform - let the audience know which one and what they can expect. How do they join?

The basics - Webinar registration page

4. Speakers section

Show off your speakers! Include their names, what they do, and a little about their background. Photos help attendees feel more connected and shows you’re bringing in the experts.

Webinar speakers - Webinar registration page

Also, if you have external guest speakers - make sure to include company name so it's clear where they come from. This is a great way to add diversity, trust and expertise to your webinar.

5. Simple registration form

This is where visitors sign up, so keep it easy. You’ll usually need:

  • Name: Who’s attending?

  • Email Address: Where should we send the details?

  • Company and Job Title: Great for tailoring follow-ups, enrich the CRM and qualify your leads.

The registration form - Webinar registration page

Too many fields can scare people off, so stick to the basics. Unless you have some MAJOR value bomb you know your audience can't keep themselves away from.

6. Eye-Catching Call-to-Action (CTA)

Your CTA is your "Register Now" button. Make it big and bold so no one misses it. A contrasting color can help it stand out from the rest of the page.

Call to action - Webinar registration page

7. FOMO element

Spark a sense of urgency by highlighting the exclusivity and limited availability of your webinar.

Use phrases like "Seats are limited – secure yours now!" or "Don’t miss out – this is a one-time event!" to create a FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) effect. This is basic psychology - but it works.

Call to action FOMO - Webinar Registration Page

It takes your target audience out of status quo zombie scroll mode - encouraging taking action (improving your registration rates).

8. Social proof

If you’ve got great reviews, credible partners, industry awards, or big customers cases - show them off! This builds trust and shows newcomers that your webinars are the real deal.

Social proof - Webinar registration page

Insight: Webinar hosts report higher conversion rates when including guest speakers from their customer pool, or domain experts.

9. Privacy info

Quickly let people know that their data is safe with you. A link to your privacy policy should do the trick.

Privacy info - Webinar registration page


Your webinar registration page is key to getting a crowd. By focusing on these essential components, you can create a page that’s not only informative but also engaging. Remember, the easier and more inviting your page is, the more people will want to join your webinar. Stay tuned for more tips on making your webinars a hit!

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