Experience Value Score (EVS) - Din ledstjärna för att mäta event

Experience Value Score är ett nyckeltal som hjälper eventarrangörer att förstå effekten av sina evenemang. Detta görs genom att mäta om deltagarna tycker att evenemanget var värt sin tid.

Experience Value Score (EVS) - Your Event North Star



Events are a way for people to meet, learn new things, and build meaningful relationships. Event organizers need to measure the outcome to report internally, improve over time, and know where to put their efforts.

Webinar KPI Dashboard in Univid

Event KPI dashboard in Univid

Event organizers have endless ways of measuring the outcome of events - and the results are often scattered across different software. Event Key Performance Indicators (KPI:s) are often used to be able to compare results and make things uniform.

Experience Value Score - The top KPI for event organizers

The EVS (Experience Value Score) is a way to simplify things - and ask the attendees one simple question "was the event worth your time?". And let this be your guiding event North Star. ⭐

Follow-up email - How to measure Experience Value Score (EVS)

We have listed the 5 most common webinar KPI:s to help you organize events like the best.

The Experience Value Score (EVS) is invented by Lyyti - and considered a top KPI, as it is both A) super simple to measure, and B) tells you alot of information about your event.

Experience Value Score (EVS) - Lyyti x Univid

The EVS will compile into a number in the Lyyti dashboard that you can easily overview and compare against all of your events.

Going beyond qualitative numbers - Participant EVS

Using a tool like Lyyti x Univid, the EVS also opens up for qualitative input - going beyond the numbers.

Qualitative input to EVS - Lyyti x Univid

This free-text feedback can help you quickly gain an understanding for the audience's experience, suggestions for improvements, or elements you should keep until next time.

Why use EVS in webinars?

Attendees invest time by attending your event - and time is their most precious resource.

The EVS will tell you whether the time investment was worth it or not - and give you a standardized way to approach it. Thus, helping you know if the attendees felt the experience you delivered.

In other words, EVS will help you stop guessing and find out what the impact of your event really was.

How to measure EVS for your events?

You can measure EVS in a few ways, but it requires a tool like Lyyti x Univid that supports either an option to 1. ask it at the end of the event as a poll, or 2. after the event is done as follow-up survey (typically per email).

In Lyyti x Univid the EVS is enabled by default for all your events. So you can simply create your event and start to collect the feedback once the event is done. Also, you can analyze it nicely in the Lyyti dashboard as responses start to come in. And benchmark against your other events and industry standards.

EVS dashboard for event KPIs - Lyyti x Univid

Also, EVS can be combined with live engagement data - such as reactions from a webinar tool like Univid.

Live reaktioner och emojis - Webinarinteraktion


EVS can be a game changer in understanding the impact of your events - whether you are a CMO, event assistant, event director, or marketing manager hosting events - and whether you are running them onsite, digital, or hybrid.

The key is - EVS is simple. Yet it tells you quite a bit on how to improve and gives you a clear way to benchmark your events.

Try EVS out yourself - by creating a webinar for free below 👇

Vanliga frågor (FAQs)

Q: What is an event KPI?

An event KPI is a quantifiable measure used to understand the success of your events - whether they are onsite, online, or hybrid. Working with KPIs you can easily benchmark your event with the best in the industry, or your previous ones.

Q: What is EVS?

EVS stands for Experience Value Score, and is a KPI to help event hosts to understand the impact of their events - whether they are online, hybrid, or onsite. This is done by measuring whether the participants think the event was worth their time.

Q: Who invented EVS?

Lyyti is the inventor of the Experience Value Score (EVS). Lyyti is a leading Event Management System that helps event organizers create live, online and hybrid events. Lyyti integrates to Univid:s webinar platform.

Q: Who could benefit from using EVS as an event KPI?

Any event organizer or host that want to understand the outcome of their events should use the EVS. Also, it's effective if you run both physical, hybrid, and online events - as it works well across different event formats.

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