De 5 bästa Webex alternativen (2024)

Updated: February 21st, 2024
Published: January 2nd, 2024

Denna artikel presenterar en lista av de 5 bästa alternativen till Webex för 2024. Dessa webinarplattformar är listade med deras bakgrund, G2 betyg, fördelar, nackdelar, användningsområden, och recension. Innan vi hoppar in - låt oss ta en titt på Webex:s funktioner och prisbild.

TLDR; om du inte kan vänta - här är listan på topp 5 alternativ till Webex:

  1. Univid - Smooth and engaging webinars, blazingly fast
  2. GoToWebinar
  3. Zoom Webinar
  4. Demio
  5. ON24

Webex about

Webex is a traditional webinar tool owned by the U.S. tech giant Cisco and was founded in 1995. Webex is built to support a wide variety of events such as meetings, virtual events, and in-person events. Not just webinars.

Webex review

Webex is a webinar tool that covers the basic functionality such as landing pages, reminders, and basic engagement such as polls, chat and Q&A.

If you are looking for a secure tool to host meetings, large virtual events, or small webinars - Webex can be a solid choice. For example, providing AI note-taking functionality for more productive meetings.

Webex - webinarplattform

The Webex landing page

Webex G2 rating

4.3/5 stjärnor på G2

Webex has a decent rating on G2, showing users are quite happy. But still one of the lower G2 scores on this list compared to Zoom's 4.4, and with platforms like Univid scoring a 4.8 on G2.

Webex pricing

Webex does not feature any publicly listed pricing for their webinar tool on their website. Their meeting tool Webex Meet is priced at $14.50 / license / month.

However, for webinars only custom pricing alternatives are available, indicating that it can get expensive - as you have to go through a hands-on sales process with their Sales team. Webex offers two license types: Webex Webinars and Webex Events.

The plans differ functionality wise and are based on licenses - making it slightly difficult to know which one to choose.

Note: the pricing is based on the number of licenses you need, which means it can get quite expensive to scale your webinar initiatives, paying for multiple hosts.

Why look for a Webex alternative?

Webinars in 2024 need to be different

It’s 2024. Your attendees are watching content on TikTok, Twitch and Youtube daily. On their way to work, at work, after work. Attention spans are going down, while expectations from attendees are higher than ever - making your job as a marketer tough.

Think about the content you consume yourself.. Probably, not very similar to the typical webinars produced in platforms like Webex. Attending webinars should be smooth, fun, and engaging.

You cannot expect attendees to stay and convert, if you provide boring and gray experiences without interaction. But, hey! Old news to you, as you are already here looking for alternatives.

The new modern way of doing webinars

Webinars have not changed much in the last decades, with older players like GoToWebinar and Webex dominating the market. Platforms like Zoom have been facing issues around security and webinar platforms like Webex, ON24, and others are now struggling to keep up with the new players.

What does this mean for you as a webinar host?

If you are stuck with a tool that does not enable you to create modern experiences up to par with what attendees are watching on Youtube, Twitch and Netflix.. You are in for working overtime. 

At least, if you aim to position yourself as thought leader or drive any meaningful conversions.

So, the choice of webinar software becomes key. But with literally hundreds of platforms to choose from - how do you pick the right one?

Choosing a webinar tool in 2024 - Three factors to consider

The webinar platform you choose in 2024 should enable you to stand out (see the webinar software buyer’s guide) - creating modern webinar experiences that impress your audience in a world dominated by video content on platforms like TikTok, Netflix, Twitch, and Youtube.

More specifically you should look for a platform that allows you to:

  1. Easily set up webinars and collaborate with guest speakers, colleagues, and moderators. Allowing you to focus on what matters - the attendee experience.

  2. Offer engagement features such as polls, live reactions to have attendees stay focused throughout the webinar. Not just the typical Q&A, chat, etc. You want your webinars to be the talking point in your industry. Positioning your brand as the thought leader.

  3. Provide smooth next steps to convert with CTA buttons to “book demo” or “download e-book”. Combined with analytics and engagement insights right into your CRM like HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive. Enabling sales and marketing teams to qualify leads, close more deals and generate that sweet revenue.

Now we know why it might be worth looking into options - let’s dive into the top alternatives in the list below.

The 5 best alternatives to Webex in 2024

1. Univid - Smooth and engaging webinars, blazingly fast

Univid webinarplattform - hemsida

The Univid landing page


Univid is a webinar tool to create engaging and branded webinars in 60 seconds. Founded in 2019 in Sweden (EU), Univid is one of the most modern players on the market, challenging the status quo. The platform is built to host smooth webinars - being easy-to-use, beautiful and engaging.


Univid is a modern webinar tool to smoothly create engaging webinars to impress, engage and convert attendees in 2024. If you're looking for a modern alternative to Zoom Webinar, Univid can be just the right next step for you.

Get started and set up a branded webinar in 60 seconds - try for free here (no credit carded needed). No downloads required for either host or attendee.

Here is how Univid can be a solid GoToWebinar alternative - with two main benefits:

1. Set up branded and beautiful webinars

Univid is an easy-to-use platform, where you can set up a branded webinar in just 60 seconds. AI-assisted set up helps you as a marketer in 2024 get your branding right to stand out - with everything from landing page, reminder emails, logos, and themes.

The ease-of-use is key when collaborating with new guest speakers and onboarding new colleagues. A low learning curve equals smooth sailing for you as a webinar coordinator.

You can also set up webinar templates in Univid with your favorite themes, settings, and engagement like polls. And then simply use this template when creating your next webinar. Like clockwork.

univid event platform in action with different virtual events and webinarsUnivid is a leader in Webinar on G2

Branded webinars created by hosts using Univid

2. Host engaging webinars

Univid goes beyond the basics of engagement - and offers both beautiful polls (branded to your session), Q&A, chat, and live reactions - built for the 2024 webinar attendee.

But also, interactive video, gamification leaderboards - to make sure attendees do not tab out - but rather stay focused and become your brand ambassadors.

Engagement features in Univid

And finally, Univid offers CTA buttons to drive those valuable next steps like “book 15 min meeting”, “try it yourself”, or “download e-book”. This is shown to increase conversions with up to 50% and convert warm leads in real time. NOT via a cold follow-up email - that’s so 2023..

The webinar basics - check

Univid also got all the basic webinar functionality you need - and some extra:

  • Branded webinar registration page and reminder emails

  • Attendee insights and analytics

  • Automatic recordings in full HD (1080p)

  • Pre-recorded, on-demand, and simulated webinar mode

  • CRM integrations to HubSpot, Salesforce, Pardot, Pipedrive, etc.

G2 rating

4.8/5 stjärnor på G2

Univid has an excellent rating on G2 of 4.8 (the best G2 rating in the list) - indicating that users are happy with the platform. For example, compared to GoToWebinar's 4.2, and Zoom's 4.4.


If you’re looking to smoothly host modern and engaging webinar experiences for your attendees - Univid is the best Webex alternative.

Well, we are of course a bit biased - since this is our platform. But, Univid was built as a 2024 alternative to Webex. The platform is easy-to-use and has top rated support. Finally, Univid features the highest G2 rating of any of the platforms on the list with 4.8/5 in user reviews.

Kom igång idagGör som över 70.000 användare och skapa engagerande webbinarier med Univid.Try the #1 alternative to WebexBoka en demo av Univid

2. GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar - Webinarplattform alternativ

The GoToWebinar landing page


GoToWebinar is a webinar software in the GoTo suite, founded in 2003. This U.S. based company provides a variety of software for video communication that you download on your computer - such as GoTo Meeting, GoTo Webinar, GoTo Room, etc. Not just webinars.


GoToWebinar provides hosts with all the basics to create and run webinars for their audience at an affordable price. The webinar tool involves features such as registration pages, live streaming, slide sharing, and basic engagement tools.

GoToWebinar offers a variety of integrations to CRM:s and marketing automation systems to fit in the ecosystem. As well as options to adjust for different languages, and launch pre-recorded webinars. Typically, one need to download software to use GoToWebinar's full functionality.

G2 rating

4.2/5 stjärnor på G2

GoToWebinar has a decent rating on G2, showing users are quite satisfied with the webinar software - being one of the largest actors in the space. However, note that with a score of 4.2 - this is the lowest G2 score on this list compared to Webex's 4.3, and with platforms like Univid scoring a 4.8 on G2.


  • Many language options and CRM integrations

  • Recognized player in the webinar industry

  • Affordable price point

  • Offers pre-recorded and simulated webinars


  • Downloads required for full attendee experience

  • Outdated and clunky interface (difficult to navigate)

  • Not a lot of branding capabilities to meet attendee expectations in 2024

  • No free version (but 7 day trial available)


GoToWebinar is a widely recognized player in the webinar industry, as one of the first actors to enter the space, and used by alot of companies still today. With many integrations and language options GoToWebinar can be a good alternative to Webex. However, GoToWebinar has the lowest score on G2 on the list; and with its limited branding capabilities and a slightly outdated interface, there are other more modern alternatives in the list to consider to create engaging webinar experiences in 2024.

GoToWebinar citat från användare

3. Zoom Webinar

Zoom Webinar - hemsida för webinarplattform

The Zoom landing page


Zoom is a U.S. based meeting software that also offers the webinar add-on Zoom Webinar. Zoom Video Communications was founded in 2011. Typically, you download Zoom software on your computer and can then host and attend webinars.


Zoom Webinar can be a good starting point and alternative to Webex, if you are already in the Zoom suite. However, just like Webex, Zoom have their background in video conferencing - which means they might not fill all your webinar needs if you look for a dedicated webinar tool in 2024; both in terms of branding, and engagement features.

Some webinar hosts also complain about having attendees not being able to join due to company security policies. And due to Zoom's size - hands-on support is something you cannot expect.

G2 rating

4.4/5 stjärnor på G2

Zoom has a solid rating on G2, showing users are quite happy. Slightly higher compared to Webex's 4.3, but still lower than platforms like Univid scoring a 4.8 on G2.


  • Most attendees know of Zoom

  • Virtual backgrounds and basic branding

  • Affordable pricing for small companies


  • Security issues - some companies have a no-Zoom policy

  • Limited branding and video production options

  • Downloads required for full attendee experience


As a well-known platform, Zoom Webinar can be a solid option to Webex. Especially if you are on a budget and not worried about providing the most modern attendee experience. However, if you aim to truly engage your attendees, you may want to explore the more modern webinar platforms in the list.

4. Demio

Demio alternativ - webinarplattform

The Demio landing page


Demio is a webinar platform founded in 2014 with the aim to provide hassle-free software for marketers, now owned by the U.S. marketing platform Banzai.

As a Webex alternative, Demio covers the basics for hosting webinars (landing pages, emails, video, analytics). At a relatively affordable price, Demio allows attendees to easily join webinars from their browser. Also, with the basic engagement features (polls, chat, Q&A), and even offers breakout rooms and meeting options.


Demio offers the basics for hosting meetings and webinars with engagement at a fair price point. Given that you can commit for the full year upfront as they only offer annual plans if you want more than 6 people on stage, dedicated support, or CRM integrations. In 2024 Demio can look a bit outdated for hosting webinars - both in terms of branding options, video quality, and attendee experience.

G2 rating

4.6/5 stjärnor på G2

Demio has a solid rating on G2, when comparing webinar softwares like Webex and GoToWebinar. But it still leaves room for improvements in user satisfaction, with webinar platforms like Univid ranking higher in user reviews.


  • Host webinars completely browser-based

  • Easy to use and setup

  • Breakout rooms and meeting functionality


  • Annual plan required for CRM integrations, priority support, or > 6 people on stage

  • Slightly outdated attendee experience and limited branding options

  • No free plan - only a 14-day free trial


If you are looking for an easy-to-use tool that covers both meetings with breakout rooms, and webinars, Demio might be a good option to Webex. However, if you want something more flexible pricing wise, and want a modern attendee experience with more branding options - you should check out some of the more modern alternatives in the list.

5. ON24

ON24 - Webinarplattform

The ON24 landing page


ON24 is a webinar and virtual events platform targeted towards the enterprise segment who can pay top dollar. Founded in 1998 this U.S. based company provides a wide range of tools for webinars, virtual events, and personalized content experiences. Not just webinars.


ON24 is a solid webinar tool with a lots of complex functionality that allows you to customize your workflows around webinars, set up content hubs, do advanced reporting, and custom configurations. Also, with good branding options for reminder emails and registration pages.

ON24 offer enterprise-level security with SOC Type 2 and ISO 27001, as well as ISO 27701 certifications.

However, it is not the most beginner-friendly platform in the list, and users report they often require in-house resources to educate and manage the webinars - in a slightly outdated interface.

G2 rating

4.3/5 stjärnor på G2

ON24 has a decent rating on G2, showing users are quite happy. But still one of the lower G2 scores on this list compared to Zoom's 4.4, and with platforms like Univid scoring a 4.8 on G2.


  • Complex webinar setups

  • Extensive webinar insights and reporting functionality

  • Branded landing pages and emails

  • Engagement features: polls, Q&A, gamification


  • Not for beginners or small webinar teams

  • Complex and clunky user interface

  • No public pricing listed

  • Difficult to interact as attendee


ON24 can be a powerful webinar tool if used right, with both engagement features and branding options. Also, if advanced reporting functionality is what you are after - ON24 might be the right choice. However, rated 4.3 on G2, there are platforms in the list with higher user reviews. Users report on a "steep learning curve" being the main challenge.

Det bästa alternativet till Webex för dig

Webex is a traditional webinar tool owned by the U.S. tech giant Cisco and was founded in 1995. Webex can be a solid option for hosting webinars - given that your main priority is security, or that you host either large meetings or small webinars. If you are hosting marketing webinars in 2024 - and considering Webex scores only 4.3 in user reviews on G2 - there are more qualified options in the list.

Om du vill skapa de bästa webinarupplevelserna 2024 för din publik - likt vad de redan är vana med via Youtube, TikTok, Twitch och Netflix - så borde du se dig om efter alternativ till Webex för att skapa moderna upplevelser som med Univid. Eller, om du har djupare fickor - spana in verktyg som BigMarker eller On24.

Fortfarande här utan att ha bestämt dig? Varför inte testa någon av de gratisvarianter eller prova-på perioder för att testa ditt nya verktyg? Testa Univid gratis här för att utvärdera alla webinarfunktioner innan du bestämmer dig.

Kom igång idagGör som över 70.000 användare och skapa engagerande webbinarier med Univid.