Quality assure your webinar before going live

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Leverage Univids quick quality assurance checklist. This checklist is developed based on our know-how of webinars, ensure that no essential activity has been forgotten before going live.


Checklists - Before going live

  1. ✅ Wanted features are enabled/disabled. E.g: Q&A is enabled, chat is disabled

  2. ✅ The session is not set to private

  3. ✅ Sound and video are working for everyone

  4. ✅ Internet connection is stable

  5. ✅ Polls are prepared and ready to be launched

  6. ✅ Background of the video sent from a webcam/camera does not draw attention

  7. ✅ Less is more - sometimes conditions are not perfect, however the delivery of the webinar / broadcast can still deliver great outcomes!

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