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Updated: July 17th, 2024
Published: June 26th, 2024

Why create and how to host webinars as Customer Success? Here are the best tips on how to build relationships with existing and potential customers using webinars.

How to host webinars as Customer Success? Univid shares the best tips and format on how to build relationships with existing and potential customers using webinars.


Webinars hosted by Customer Success typically focus on the retention stage of the customer journey. For example, webinars are suitable for introducing new customers to a product or service during the onboarding process, providing ongoing training and support, and offering insights into best practices and industry trends relevant to your client's success. This can help improve customer retention rates, increase customer lifetime value, and drive revenue growth for the business (learn more about the benefits of Customer Success webinars here).

What webinar format suits your clients?

Choose topics that your ideal audience is interested in. Keep in mind that it is often hard to know what this is if starting a webinar initiative at your company. Without trying, it is difficult to really understand what webinar format suits your clients.

The 5 webinar formats for Customer Success

Below, we present five common types of webinars hosted or led by Customer Success teams. Depending on your goals, a particular format might be the right one.

1. Onboarding and Training Webinars

Onboarding and training webinars offer numerous benefits for companies, enhancing the onboarding experience for new users and easing the workload for Customer Success teams. These webinars streamline processes, reduce manual tasks, and save one-on-one time while at the same time enhancing the customer journey, reducing churn rate, and turning more new customers into long-term, educated, satisfied customers.

Live onboarding webinar in Univid

They also create a sticky first impression, aiding in product adoption and retention. Live webinars can be recorded and reused, extending their value to clients who missed the live session and serving as distributed content. Companies like Slack, Monday, and PandaDoc effectively use webinars to cater to diverse customer needs, offering live and on-demand sessions to ensure comprehensive onboarding support.

Content tips: Detailed walkthroughs of product features, initial configuration steps, and best practices for getting started.

2. Product Feature Deep Dives webinar

Some features are not easy to understand in one sentence, while in-app messaging is super effective for highlighting new features and workflows, a webinar enables you to tell the value obtained from it.

You can also explain the reasons for implementing the features in the first place. Why not demonstrate how those features fit into the rest of the product’s ecosystem? And how you can use the new product features to draw additional benefits from existing ones

Vad är en omröstning i ett webbinarium?

This is also a perfect moment to gather feedback using a poll. By reducing the learning curve after a major product release while at the same time gathering feedback during these sessions, you can foster iterative development to make a better product.

Two examples of how you can pitch why a client should participate in a webinar (example from a Univid webinar):

  1. Master your webinar data and uncover every customer's feature adoption with high accuracy.

  2. Automate and improve communication within your company by using a smooth webinar integration to your Customer Success Platform.

Content tips: Detailed explanations of advanced features, use cases, tips, and tricks for getting the most out of particular functionalities.

3. Success Stories and Case Studies

Sometimes, it can be great to bring a lead user or a case example out. To aid in the understanding of reaping the benefits of a service. A successful arrangement within the webinar is to explain:

  • Challenges - Describe the specific challenges the customer faced before using your product.

  • Solution - Detail how your product was implemented to address these challenges.

  • Results - Clarify the positive outcomes, including measurable metrics.

Customer stories examples - Best Webinar software Univid

Content tips: Presentations by customers or Customer Success managers highlighting how specific customers have achieved success, the challenges they faced, and the outcomes they achieved.

4. Q&A session

Create an interactive environment by inviting your audience to ask questions. You might be surprised by how fast the minutes will fly away. Q&A webinar formats are for example powerful to use when a major change within a service has occurred. It could also be a way to catch up on early churn signals or improve the score.

Live Q&A från webbinarie i Univid

Content tips: Elaborate on common questions asked by clients and encourage interaction, so that customers can bring up any issues or questions. In addition, make sure to bring the right expertise. Lastly, make sure to have attachments and guides ready to be shared with the audience.

Want to learn more about Q&A and webinars? Learn more about Q&A webinars here.

5. Best Practices webinar

What are the top 1% of users doing that others do not? What are the most common gotchas and value-driving activities that a user is doing? Is there a certain question always popping up for a specific type of client at a particular moment in their customer lifecycle? This is what best practices webinars are for. This format tends to be very easy to create content for, simply bring any experienced Customer Success manager to take the lead and let them share their expertise.

Live webinar on best practices

With best practices webinars you ensure that customers are well-supported, informed, and able to use the product to its fullest potential, ultimately leading to higher satisfaction and retention rates.

Content tips: Recommendations on how to optimize usage, industry insights, tips for improving efficiency, and strategies for integrating the product into existing workflows. Highlight common misunderstandings and workarounds.


Webinars hosted by Customer Success teams are a cost-effective and quick way to introduce new customers to your product or service during onboarding, provide ongoing training and support, and offer valuable insights into best practices and industry trends. Choosing the right format for your organisation can improve customer retention rates, increase customer lifetime value, and drive revenue growth for your business.

Now is the time to elevate your Customer Success strategy with targeted webinars. Discover what formats and topics resonate most with your clients and tailor your webinars to meet their needs.

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