The interactive and beautiful alternative to Jirango you have been looking for

Univid is an interactive and beautiful alternative to Jirango that takes your digital events to the next level. Tired of high learning curves, boring interaction, and complex user interfaces that do not look modern nor impress your audience? In Univid, you can customize the look of your live session in less than 60 seconds, easily engage your audience via beautiful polls and quizzes in your next meeting, webinar or event.

Why event hosts are making the switch from Jirango to Univid

Here are some more of the reasons hosts have shared for why they’ve chosen Univid to power their events.

The happiest customers on the internet

Univid's customers are the most satisfied on the market, with consistently the highest rating and customer satisfaction (NPS). All event firms that have used Univid, have returned to hold more events on the platform.

Beautiful and branded meetings

Features to beautifully customize with your own branding, logos and colors. Meetings that impress clients and people remember.

Unique interaction with polls, quizzes, and gamification

Interaction via quizzes, polls and word clouds, integrated directly into the meetings. Engage your audience with style, graphs in all shapes and colors, growing in real time. Completely without third-party app or complex integrations. Participants can compete and get points on a leaderboard and the chat is visible, fresh, and modern, where you can have discussion threads and emojis.

Ultra crisp HD video meeting quality

In Univid, you can choose to run crisp studio quality at your video meetings in real time, or stream RTMP in ultra-HD. Enjoy avoiding pixelated buffer faces and lagging video. In meeting after meeting, you will impress your customers with the highest quality.
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"The platform was awesome and we appreciated that it was possible to adapt it to our graphic profile. The reactions also gave a lively and wonderful feeling. We will definitely use Univid for our future events."
Fanny Falkenberg - Founder and Partner, Go Care
Happy customer of the Univid webinar platform - Fanny Falkenberg on Go Care

Univid vs. Jirango: What is right for me?

Great question! We obviously think Univid is pretty awesome, but let us give you a honest answer:

User interface and complexity

Jirango Digital Arena is an event platform focused at conferences, events, meetings and congresses at a distance. Jirango is customizable and you can create in a tailored event for each application, but it quickly becomes complex to use, where Univid is instead the simple but powerful option for you who are not technicians or simply want something quick to work in. Many event organizers thus experience that Jirango is complex to use and does not become as modern and stylish to design in. In Univid, you as an event organizer can quickly make all adjustments to the graphic appearance, create polls, quizzes and decide which functions you want to include in your session. In Univid, as a host, you can easily set up a session and get started in less than 60 seconds. The user-friendliness is also reflected for the participants, who can just as easily enter the session and quickly understand all the functionality!

Interactivity - how to engage the audience

Jirango has simple functionality to engage the audience via e.g. polls, but for the participants it is important to keep track of where the interaction takes place in a rather complex user interface. In addition, it is limited what types of polls are set and how the statistics are displayed to the participants.

polls and interaction in jirango vs univid

Univid has instead gathered all the best interactivity in a number of powerful, qualitative and fun functions, which you as a host can easily activate, adapt and work in completely yourself. In Univid you can even create a poll in the middle of the event, or in peace and quiet prepare a quiz that is prepared in your session before the event starts! Interaction with Univid can thus be created quickly and easily, and is also graphically appealing and looks really good. Participants can easily answer polls and quizzes, which pop up on the screen above the video so they can easily see what they should answer and when! With a real-time response flow and statistics that you can choose the look of - e.g. if you want pie charts or nice bar charts - you can give your participants a beautiful and fun experience!

gamification i jirango vs univid

Graphical experience and design of events

Jirango requires a little more work and effort to adapt to make your event look good, in a slightly outdated interface it is difficult to get a modern and fresh feeling that impresses your audience. For example, if you add text elements to your broadcast page, it can be a bit of a messy experience, where the broadcast gets out of focus. As a participant, the entire layout can easily be changed during the event, which means that if your'e not a techy person, you can easily lose track of where the various functions are!

In Univid, you have a clear layout that all your sessions and events follow, which allows participants to easily navigate the platform. You can then enable and disable features depending on the interaction and look you want, but everything follows the same layout. For example, run a stripped-down cinema mode with only emojis and reactions, or get a immersive experience with chat, gamification, quizzes and polls! You can also easily design and customize the look in under 60 seconds, with your own logos, colors and wallpapers.

The chat in Jirango vs. Univid

In Jirango, the chat is a fairly formal experience, without profile pictures of the participants or discussion threads. In Jirango, the chat also has a fairly small font. You can like different chat messages in Jirango's chat, but can not react with different emojis and it will not be animated in a flow of reactions. You can also not link any form of gamification to how participants interact in the chat, or link your profile to social media such as LinkedIn.

In Univid, chat is a central, graphically beautiful, and fun experience. In Univid's chat, you can have profile pictures, link your LinkedIn profile for networking, have discussion threads where participants respond to messages and react in a fast-paced flow with a variety of emojis on each post! In addition, you can activate gamification and get points in a leaderboard based on how active the participants are in chat and interaction!

chatt i jirango vs univid

Breakout sessions in Jirango vs. Univid

In Jirango, there is support for various seminar tracks or so-called breakout sessions. Thus, the broadcast or webinar can be divided into several groups, and then the breakout choice is shown to the participants when it is time for breakout sessions, which they must then actively choose to jump on to. However, there is no support for breakouts directly in the meeting, as in e.g. Zoom, where participants are automatically sent out into breakouts within the same meeting.

In Univid, just like Jirango, there is support for both different tracks or parallel sessions, where participants can choose which track or seminar they want to participate in, from the main room. These can be prepared in peace and quiet before the event starts. In addition, Univid has the opportunity to start a real-time meeting inside the session, which means that you can then split into breakouts directly inside one and the same meeting. Then you can easily send out the participants between the different breakout rooms, or let them choose the room themselves, which e.g. excellent for networking in meetings.

breakout sessions in univid

Appearance and design in Jirango vs. Univid

In Jirango you can make minor adjustments to the look, such as adjusting the background image, but it is difficult to navigate and understand where the graphic elements will be visible or how the experience will be.

Univid is instead built to easily design beautiful digital events. Thus, there are a variety of wallpapers, templates and options to help you quickly customize and customize your event. In Univid you can, among other things, choose the color of the header, choose your own background image, decide the text color and upload your own logo in the event. In addition, you can easily activate the most powerful and intuitive features gathered in one session. You can always see in real time what your event looks like, without first having to go through a lot of complex menus where you do not understand where your change takes effect. So no more consulting hours or complex menus! Feel free to try Univid yourself by creating an account at:

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