Livestream - requirements and troubleshooting tips

Prerequisites and requirements

Var ansluten till ett stabilt nätverk, gärna med sladd för säkerhets skull
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
The same goes for standard meeting tools such as Teams, Zoom or Meet when running directly in the browser. Over time, all browsers will be supported, as they are constantly updated for modern uses such as communicating via video calls directly in the browser.
Note that other independent browsers that accept webRTC technology might be compatible. Safari is not fully compatible for video on desktop. Explorer/Edge is not compatible on desktop.
Team Univid highly recommends running a desktop browser for the best and smoothest experience across the Univid platform.

Recommended browsers - mobile devices

Events on Univid can be accessed by Participants and have some limited compatibility for Presenters with Mobile devices (phones and tablets) on the following browsers:
  • Google Chrome
iOS, iPadOS (Apple)
  • Safari

If a participant does not have one of the recommended browsers above

We can not guarantee full functionality and a full experience if an unsupported browser is used. The participant will get an automatic popup where it is recommended to switch to one of the supported browsers.