Digital Christmas Mingle - Univid as a real-time meeting tool for KTHI

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KTH Innovation hosts Christmas mingle on the Univid platform

KTH Innovation hosts Christmas mingle on the Univid platform

Team Univid want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy holidays! Yesterday we hosted a Christmas mingle with KTH Innovation which was a joy! It's been a great year for us with lots of growth, and our platform has really evolved into a complete SaaS solution ready to make your events more interactive and beautiful than ever. We want to extend a huge thank you to a few persons in our network:

@Donnie SC Lygonis: thanks for being a great business coach, going above and beyond your role at KTH Innovation and really contributing with a tireless drive, answering our Slack messages in the middle of the night, and helping us grow!

@Sofia Wingren: you have provided us with really solid advice, critical questions, and mentorship with the invaluable experience of leading large companies

@Team KTH Innovation: thanks for creating the circumstance to succeed in, with great opportunities for pitch training, investor meetings, and startup growth advice

@Ebba Laurin and @Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship: thanks for providing us with a great team of students in the BMI course, who really provide value and insights that we can bring into our business dev going forward

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