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We are running a demo for ITHU, Sunet and Digiped.

We are running a demo for ITHU, Sunet and Digiped.

Digiped is a collaboration between Sunet and ITHU that aims at collection knowledge and information about pedagogical tools. Sunet (Swedish University Computer Network) is part of the Swedish Research Council, and at the same time a research infrastructure that fulfils the needs for data communication and IT services of Swedish higher education institutions. The Swedish network for IT in Higher Education (ITHU) is a professional development network that aims to promote and enhance the pedagogical application of IT in teaching and learning.

Digiped requested a demo of Univid and today we went through the platform together with lots of stakeholders and interested teachers, receiving feature requests and feedback. This was a really valuable session for us at Univid, further understanding the needs and requirements at the forefront of digital education and also reaching out with our product to potential customers.

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